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List of Low Cost Home Based Businesses

  • Consulting: This business may need some experience and training, but is always in demand. If you are an expert in any field like law, accounting, marketing, technology, etc., choose to be a consultant. This business might not require a large start up cost, but it would require a strong social network.

  • Financial Planner: This business would need technical expertise and licensing like Certified Financial Planner (CFP) or similar qualifications that would qualify you with the necessary expertise and credibility to advice clients.

  • Contractors: With rough economic times, many big organizations are hiring contractors on a short-term basis. This is because contractors are not required to be trained by the company and do not get any employment benefits, which saves the organization lots of money.

  • Online Advertising: Emergence of the Internet has opened up many business arenas. One such business is advertising for other companies through blogs, newsletters, traffic direction, and email. Use social networking sites like Facebook and Orkut or blog sites like WordPress to network and advertise the company’s products and services.

  • Editorial Services: These services can be provided from the comfort of your house. Editorial services include copyediting, proofreading, indexing, developmental editing, book doctoring, ghost writing, magazine article writing, and web site content writing. All you need is a computer with an Internet connection and writing skills.

  • Web Site Developer and Designer: This is the age of the Internet! Web site creation, development, and designing can turn out to be a great source of income.

  • Information Technology Services: Nowadays, almost every second person in the world uses a computer. Thus, a business that offers value-added services like software deployment, network infrastructure, security and privacy, communication services, etc. is sure to excel.

  • Event Management: This type of business would require you to network with many other businesses like property owners, decorating services, caterers, etc. Starting this type of business would involve you organizing events for clients from scratch to end.


  • Wedding Planner: Similar to event management, this business would require you to manage a wedding from the beginning to the end. It would require you to stay up-to-date with wedding trends, dresses, colors, decorations, flowers, and so forth. A wedding planner would have to offer their services from picking up the venue to shopping for the bridal gown to acquiring wedding souvenirs – as a complete wedding package.

  • Cleaning Service: The range of cleaning services can vary from houses to offices.Cleaning is something that many people do not like to do on their own. Thus, this business is sure to thrive. This type of service may not only restricted to cleaning, washing or organizing – but would also extend to lawn mowing, gardening, etc.

  • Day Care: If you are good with children, start a day care school for young children. Many people like to have their kids stay in a home environment while they are at work, so this business is sure to do well.

  • Elderly Care: In today’s nuclear family world, many people need services of others who can help take care of their aging relatives. If you like taking care of others, this business may turn out to be quiet profitable.

  • Pet Services: If you are a pet lover, you are sure to do well in this line of business. Plus, if you are the only one in the neighborhood with a pet service business, you would never be out of clients. This is a great low cost business to start with. All you need to do is take care of pets when their owners are at work or on holiday. If you are an experienced trainer, you could also start with a pet training business.

  • Coaching: You can start a coaching or tutoring business where you take tuition for students at their homes, schools or other rented places. It is a good idea to check with local schools about their needs. In addition, if you have some corporate experience or management experience in any business skill, you could become a business coach. Some organizations require you to be certified.

  • Hobby Lessons: Do you have a favorite hobby? How about turning your favorite pastime into a business opportunity? These hobby lessons could be related to music, dance, cooking, baking or any other that you think would be interesting to learn.

  • Bed And Breakfast: If you have a spare room in the house that is private from the rest of the house or if you have any tourist attractions close by – why not start a bed and breakfast or guesthouse at home?

Business Ideas for Beginners

For beginners, financing a new business venture is challenging as well as troublesome. So it is advisable to begin your business operations with something that does not require heavy capital investment or major monetary risks. Browsing through the success stories of top-shots would reveal that they all made their debut with humble undertakings. On the flip side it is also necessary to know that if the business is operated without proper strategies it might not be able to witness a bright future.

Useful business ideas for beginners

Here are some business ideas for beginners which they can take note of and imply while starting a new business:

  • Optimum utilization of resources: It is important to know how much resources you have in hand. Identify the importance of capital i.e. the more capital you have the greater will be your potential to employ workforce, allot workspace, establish your enterprise, set the required apparatus, etc, for your undertaking.

  • Get your business financed: Begin with a small business and get your undertaking financed through different loan schemes. During the initial phases of your business financing scheme could give you an impressive start. At some point in your business proceedings you could discover your capital as inadequate as a result of heavy expenditure. In that case seek for financing firms or loan firms to help you with your monetary requirements. Look for schemes that offer nominal interest to save you from reimbursing large interests. Keep the interest payment arrangement in sync with your company’s guidelines.

  • Planning your capital expenditure: Formulate your plans much before the money reach your hands. In this way you will be able to make optimum utilization of the funds without jeopardizing the money by making needless expenditure.

  • Identify your skills and the market: Formulating business strategies includes a detailed understanding of the project you are planning to undertake and how this venture would attract your customers. Identify the need of the market, ponder over it and then lay plans on how to fulfill the existing requirements. Be creative and introduce something new and exclusive that the market has never witnessed. Be innovative and avoid copying ideas. In case if you are lifting ideas then develop something new by making it your personalized version. But all in all, the mantra to stand out in crowd is to create something fresh and appealing.

  • Identify the reach of your product: Know how significant your products and services are in the market and the willingness of the buyers towards it. People look for exclusivity and not for just any other random product. Get your customers response to evaluate how your product or service has performed in comparison to your competitors. For instance, if you have introduced signature cologne then estimate its chances of success against the established brands in the market.

  • Promote your business: Business is not just the game of right moves and strategies. Learn how to reach out to your target customers. Introduce your product in the market through advertising and other promotional activities. A product promotion can even cost you a fortune so be prepared for that.

  • Keep up with the market changes: The task of establishing a successful undertaking does not end here. You need to keep yourself updated on the changing trends. Keep a tab on unanticipated changes within the periphery of your market as well as other related markets. Read newspapers or watch TV news to educate yourself on the prevailing economic system, the disposable income of the people and how much your business can benefit from them.

  • Think about the future of your business: Plan about the workplace, number of employees and the equipments you want to set up while you expand. Lay future plans on wage allocation, maintenance and functional expenditure, taxes and government business policies, etc.

Useful Ideas for starting a small business:

Discover your area of expertise: Remember if you want to start the business you do not have an expertise in then it might lead you nowhere. Identify your capabilities or something you are passionate about. For example, if you are an artist and love painting then you can turn your hobby into a small business like organizing exhibition of your paintings. This will not only fetch you decent amount of money but also praises from people.

Meticulous investment: Plan your budget supported by ample doses of long and short term business forecasting. It is advisable to understand your approximate profits and losses which might get drill down in the due course of your business.

Stay Updated: Always keep yourself updated on the current business trends and the prospects that will sell. Read business sections of the newspaper thoroughly, and watch news on television or internet to known more about your business, your competitors and about the industry, join business organizations, etc. Educating yourself on latest trends is not only informative but also amazing in terms of how market trends change and pave way for new business prospects. This will eventually help you to define your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and once you are successful in that then leverage your USP to the maximum.

It all about networking: Socialize and meet like minded people. This will help you to build your own business network and a strong business support structure.

Proper regulation: Formulate and plan your efficient project management techniques. Evaluate your business techniques monthly and if required then make the essential alterations.

Detailed selection of product and Services: Allocate a range of product or service offered by the undertaking and broaden your business horizons by introducing something fresh to the market. Categorize your target customers into groups and sub-groups and reserve certain products and services to each group. Try to get opinions and ideas from your customers regarding the latest product launched by you. On the basis of the responses improvise your product to suit the market demands.

Adding Value to offered Product or services: The end product always create a sense of enthusiasm in customers and in the businessmen. The customers look forward to something new in the market and the businessmen for increased sales. By adding value to the offered product you will be successful in drawing customer’s attention to a greater extent.

Thorough study of existing competitors in the market: Besides evaluating your market always make it a point to analyze your present competitors. Through this you will get ideas on how other businesses tasted success and the steps implemented by them to raise their business standard.

Create new products and get ready for a change: Market is volatile and sometimes it reacts impulsively to unanticipated changes. Hence, it is advisable to introduce new products at a regular interval to satisfy the need of the customers. You will be amazed to see how new products create sudden demands.

There are times when the trends change which is an obvious part of your business plan. When things change do not panic, rather become the representative of change. Analyze competition and business standards. Win over the faith of your customers by providing them good quality services and product and move on with a competitive spirit.

Strategies for starting a small business

  • Expand your business horizons by reaching out to different customers

  • Recognize your Unique Selling Point which is uniquely different from your competitors.

  • Formulate an expert and professional team to execute your business plans

  • Create Goodwill, impetus and proper management

  • Recognize and safeguard your Intellectual Property

  • Expand your business through various medium

  • Look forward for tie-ups and meaningful collaborations with other companies

  • Win the faith and reliability of your customers

  • Do not neglect the importance of internet and create your business website

  • Gain from your experience, deploy standard machinery and methodologies

  • Provide money back assurance

Remember, business is all about proper approach, determination and dedication. Strike the perfect balance between vocation, family and leisure to go a long way.

Online business ideas in India

With the widespread use of Internet, the online businesses have become a wonderful source of income for many. Internet is not only the huge reservoir of information these days; it is the pool of enormous business opportunities at the same time. However, in order to do business successfully, one needs to learn the tips & tricks of online business. Online business ideas would guide you to choose and run an online business successfully.

Before You Start

Before one can start an online business, it is always better to learn a bit about the world of Internet and the online business. No need to mention here that one needs to be a computer literate and have an idea of the online business procedures.

You can start your online business without investing a lot. You just need a computer, and an Internet connection and that’s all. You can do your work from the comfort of your home. Else, you may also have your small office, where you can even employ some people to work for you.

Like any other business, one of the most important factors of online business is the procurement of projects or works. You need to have proper plan for marketing or you should have your own dependable network, which would ensure inflows of work orders consistently.

Punctuality is another important factor for the success of online business. You need to deliver your works right on time. Very little delay in delivery may lead to cancellation of orders.

Finally, one consistently needs to maintain the quality of works.

Some Useful Online Business Ideas

There can be various ideas for online business. However, one needs to pick one according to his/her skill sets and strengths. Some of the online business ideas are listed below.

  • Affiliate Marketing

    It is one of the most popular online business ideas. If you have a knack in marketing, this online business could be suitable for you. In affiliate marketing, you need to promote the products and services of your clients on their behalf. You will get commission when a sale is made.

  • Online Data Entry

    Online data entry is another way you can make money through Internet. Many companies offload their data entry jobs to other companies or freelancers. You can procure those works and do data entry jobs from your home or office. Besides data entry, you may also need to fill up forms or make documents from a scanned page etc.

  • Auction Selling

    Auction selling could be another option for you. You can sell and resell products through the online marketplaces like Amazon Auctions, Ebay, and Craigslist etc. You can buy wholesale goods as well as sell used goods. You also have the option to use a drop-shipping service.

  • E-Commerce

    With the extensive use of Internet these days, the scope of e-commerce has reached at a new high. Through your website, you can sell various products and technology-based services. You can also receive payments from your clients online.

  • Internet Research

    Internet research is another lucrative online business idea, which involves extensive research works. A number of companies, law firms as well as small business houses offload their research jobs to other companies. You can do Internet research on behalf of them.

  • Freelance Services

    Freelance services are amongst the most popular online business ideas. You can provide various services like copywriting, illustrations, multimedia, programming etc.

  • Virtual Assistant

    Virtual assistant is another online business idea for you, where you work as virtual assistant to provide online administrative and business support to other small companies as well as business owners.

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(1)   Who is the currently the president of NASSCOM?

(a)    Mr. Rastogi (b) Mr. Kiran Karnik (c) Mr. Sunil Joshi (d) Mr. Shyam Munshi

(2)   Calvin Klein Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of which group?

(a)    Louis Phillippe (b) Raymond (c) Van Hueson (d) Reid & Taylor

(3)   Virgin Comics is all set to enter gaming zones in mobiles through which networks?

(a)    Hutchison Essar (b) Airtel (c) BSNL (d) Reliance Communications

(4)   Which company has tied up with farmers to launch India’s first natural vanilla

Cream in order to help farmers?

(a)    Havmour (b) Amul (c) Vadilal (d) Mothers Dairy

(5)   What is the name of the Mahindra Renault’s first car to be launched in India in January 2007?

(a)    Regan (b) Logan (c) Showgun (d) None

(6)   Which Indian company is the first to get listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange?

(a)    Bharti Enterprises (b) Infosys (c) TCS (d) Meghamani Organics Ltd.

(7)   Who is being appointed as the brand ambassador of OMEGA watches?

(8)   Who scored second fastest century in ODI after Shahid Afridi in 44 balls?

(a)    Mark Boucher (b) Mahendra Singh Dhoni (c) R.Sarwan (d) Jaysuriya

(9)   Videocon Electrolux will set up a Greenfield facility at which place to manufacture

Air –conditioners?

(a)    Hyderabad (b) Uttaranchal(c) Haryana (d) Gujarat

(10) Which title after winning tennis legend Martina Navrotilova declared retirement from professional tennis this year?

(a)    French Open (b) Wimbledon (c) US Open (d) ATP Championships

(11) General Mushraf wrote the controversial book; “In The Line Of Fire”, but can you name the book that our president Dr. Abdul Kalaam had written some time back?

(12) Aegis is the BPO firm of which famous business group?

(a)    Cognizant (b) TCS (c) Essar Group (d) Infosys

(13) Which company made a deal with the famous Dabbawallahs in Mumbai to help them set up a supply chain system?

(a)    Mico Bosch India (b) Petronet (c) Tesco India Pvt. Ltd (d) Reliance India

(14) The name of the operation launched by Indian Navy in order to evacuate Indians and        Nationals of SAARC from the war ravaged country Lebanon was…?

(a)    Operation Bluestar (b) Operation SAARC (c) Operation Sukoon (d) None

(15) The leading camcorder electronics specialist Panasonic launched a unique product        few days back. What was it?

(a)    Flat-Screen Televisions (b) Broadband networks (c) Luxury Massage Chairs

(d) Mobile phones

(16) Whose slogan is ‘Shortcut To Fame’, (hint: The latest scooter in town)

(17) Whose punch line is “Your Potential, Our Passion”?

(18) Can u name the company who has launched the cool ‘Appy Fiz’ drinks in the market?

(a)    Pepsi (b) Coca-cola India (C) Dabur Real (d) Parle

(19) Who was given the Gandhi Peace Award 2005? He was been awarded on recent

2nd October 2006 on the eve of Gandhi Jayanti?

(a)    Megha Patkar (b) Archbishop Desmond Tutu (c) Angela Merkel (d) Dalai Lama

(20) Taglines of famous companies:

(a)    Putting News First-

(b)   What makes you Special? -

(c)    Spoil Yourself-

(d)   Spread The Smile-

(e)    Can’t live without-

Answers to above questions:

(1) b (2) c (3) d (4) b (5) b (6) d (7) Amitabh Bachhan (8) a (9) b (10) c (11) The wings of fire (12) c (13) a (14) c (15) c (16) Blaze (17) Microsoft (18) Parle (19) b

(20) Taglines

(a)    BBC

(b)   IBN

(c)    TATA Indigo

(d)    Sunfeast

(e)    Live-in-Jeans



(1)   Who is the CEO of the Britannia Industries?

(a)    Falguni Nayar (b) Shikha sharma (3) Vinita Bali (4) Lalita gupte

(2)   With whom would you associate Renuka Ramnath?

(a)    ICICI Bank (b) HSBC (c) ICICI Venture (d) ICICI Prudential

(3)   Chanda Kochhar is the executive director of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance. Is it true or false?

(4)   With whom would you associate the NGO institution ‘SEWA’?

(a)    Amrita Patel (b) Elaben Bhatt (c) Falguni Parikh (d) None

(5)   Name The Godrej woman.

(6)   Who is the director of the TAFE group; she was given the Economic Times Entrepreneur of the Year 2006 Award?

(a)    Radhika Roy (b) Zia Mody (c) Lalita Gupte (d) Mallika Srinivasan

(7)   Who is the head of the National Dairy Development Board?

(a)    Shikha Sharma (b) Tina Ambani (c) Amrita Patel (d) Hema Ravichandran

(8)   With whom would you associate Vedika Bhandarkar?

(a)    J.P. Morgan India (b) Deutsche Bank (c) SBI (d) ICICI

(9)   Who is the head of Human Resources Department in INFOSYS?

(a)    Kalpana Morparia (b) Shikha Sharma (c) Renu S. Karnad(d) Hema Ravichandra

(10) Tina Ambani, the wife of Anil Ambani runs a show annually in a year based on the world of Art. What’s called?

(a)    IMAGE (b) HARMONY (c) Arts &Crafts (d) Retreat

(11) Who is the publisher of the magazine GLADRAGS?

(a)    Simone Tata (b) Maureen Wadia (c) Usha Murthy (d) None

(12) Who discovered the cosmetic brand LAKME into India?

(a)    Rohini Nilekani (b) Simone Tata (c) Sudarshini Roy (d) Ramona Singh

(13) Who is the MD of Apollo Hospitals?

(a)    Renuka Ramnath (b) Bala Deshpande (c) Preetha Reddy (d) None

(14) Falguni Nayar is the MD of Kotak Mahindra Capital. True or False?

(15)    Who is the MD of ING Vyasya Mutual Fund?

(a)    Shobhna Maitra (b) Neelam Dhawan(c) Zia Mody (d) Kavita Hurry

(16)    Rohini Nilekani, wife of Infosys man Nandan Nilkani runs a foundation for poor children in and around Bangalore. Can you name it?

(a)    Infosys Foundation (b) Pratham (c) Akshara Foundation(d) None

(17) Who is the executive director of HDFC?

(a)    Swati Singh (b) Renu Roy (c) Renu Karnad (d) Naina Lal Kidwai

(18) Who is the head of UBS Securities?

(a)    Manisha Goitra (b) Swati Piramal(c) Madhabi Puri-Buch (d) Shikha Sharma

(19) Name the woman who recently resigned Nestle Company & currently the MD   of HSBC.

(20) Who is the head of STAR NEWS?

(a)    Vidya Chhabria (b) Lalita Gupte(c) Ravina Raj Kohli (d) Preeti Vyas

(21) What is the role of Ekta Kapoor in Balaji Telefilms?

(22) Who is the head of Center of Science and Environment in India?

(a)    Sunita Narain (b) Indra Nooyi (c) Shobhna Moitra (d) Ranjana kumar

Answers to the questions:

(1) c (2) c (3) ICICI Bank (4) b (5) Parmeshwar Godrej (6) d (7) c (8) a (9) d (10) b (11) b (12) b (13) c (14) True (15) d (16) c (17) c (18) a (19) Naina Lal Kidwai (20) c (21) Creative Director (22) a

Business Quiz – 3

(1)   Pantaloon Retail India entered into a joint venture with which company of US?

(a)    Mackay (b) Staples (c) Red Lounge (d) Smithey

(2)   Who is the new Chairperson of CBDT?

(a)    Indira Bhargava (b) Baljeet Matiyeni (c) Amitabh Khosla (d) Dr. Chitra Bharucha

(3)   Can u name the drink, which Rasna is going to launch against Pepsi’s Gatorade?

(4)   What is the name of company of Ranbaxy group providing financial services?

(a)    Relifinance (b) Ranfinance (c) Religare (d) Relifinancial Pvt. Ltd

(5)   Who is the CEO of UTI Bank?

(a)    Samir Bhatia (b) Madhuri Puri Buch (c) P.J. Nayak (d) P.K.Srivastava

(6)   Japanese major company Toshiba is planning to enter which segment?

(a)    Retail (b) Pharma (c) Mobile (d) Refrigerators

(7)   Who is the CEO of Cairn Energy India?

(a)    Ken Kutaragi (b) Rahul Dhir (c) Ray Taylor (d) None

(8)   Which company launched its online casual gaming portal

(a)    TCS (b) Reliance ADA Group (c) Wipro (d) Bharti Enterprises

(9)   Delmonte, an economy brand in suitings & shirtings belongs to which famous brand?

(a)    Siyarams (b) Raymond (c) Reid & Taylor (d) S.Kumars

(10) Who is the brand ambassador of Birla Sun Life Insurance?

(a)    MS Dhoni (b) Kapil Dev (c) S.Tendulkar (d) None

(11) Taglines Again… Name the product/company

(a)    No More Bounds-

(b)   Shape your World-

(c)    Totally Integrated Automation

(d)   Do it Yourself Holidays-

(12) Apart from being lyrist, Prasoon Joshi is also an executive Chairman of which company?

(a)    Yashraj Films Pvt. Ltd

(b)   HLL

(c)    McCann Erickson

(d)   McCann Telecommunications

(13) What is the name of the mini car to be launched by General Motors in the market?

(a)    Chevrolet Mini (b) Chevrolet Spark (c) Chevrolet Spice (d) Chevrolet Icy

(14) Leading luggage segment leader Samsonite is planning to introduce the premium category shoes in India under the brand name?

(a)    Black Label (b) Blackey (c) Woodey (d) Black Dart

(15)     Dabur Pharma all set to launch a new Cancer Drug developed by them.

What is the name?

(a)    Bitaxel (b) Xeta-B (c) Nanoxel (d) Zeta-X

(16)     RIL has decided to build a refinery in which country?

(a)    India (b) Egypt (c) Africa (d) Yemen

answers for the questions:

(1)   b (2) a (3) Body Fuel (4) c (5) c (6) c (7) b (8) b (9) d (10) b


(a) SONY Vaio

(b)   ZEN Estilo

(c)    SIEMENS

(d)   SOTC Holidays

(12) c (13) b (14) a (15) c (16) d



1)      The logo of which car company consists of four intersecting rings, signifying the four companies that were merged to give rise to the present company?

(a)    Mercedeez Benz (b) Audi (c) Fiat Pagio (d) None

2)      An animated character named Spot is used to promote which brand of soft drink?

(a)    Appy fiz (b) Rasna (c) 7’Up (d) None

3)      In the very first ad of PEPSI done by Shahrukh khan which was the model present with him and now she has evolved into an actress?

(a)    Mahima Chaudhary (b) Juhi Chawla (c) Sandali Sinha (d) Karishma Kapoor

4)      In the 2000 film Cast Away; Tom Hanks plays the role of Chuck Noland, an engineer working with which real life organization?

(a)    Bluedart (b) Microsoft (c) Financial Express (d) Federal Express

5)      With whom would you associate the famous old slogan “Neighbors envy Owner’s Pride”?

(a)    BPL-India (b) Samsung (c) ONIDA (d) Toshiba

6)      Identify the car manufacturing company in the clip…

7)      Identify the slogans of the company:

Deewana bana de-

Play Safe-

Think Again-

It’s more than just oil-

Kal Par Control-

It’s the way you make me feel-

Makes a Life little Easier-

8)      Two-mega confectionary brands MahaLacto & Eclairs; are owned by which company?

(a)    Parry’s (b) Lotte (c) Cadbury (d) Nutrine

9) With which products would you associate MS Dhoni as a brand ambassador?

(a)    Kiwi Shoe Polish, Siyarams & Parle G

(b)   Siyarams, GE Money, Pepsi

(c)    Pepsi, Reliance Communications, Britannia

(d)   Royal Stag Gear, Kiwi Shoe Polish, Santro

10) Identify how many times the Pepsi bottle is tossed up between the hands of     workers in the ad.

(a)    6 times (b) 5 times (c) 7 times (d) 8 times

11) The home country of the world’s no.2 sports goods maker Adidas is…

(a)    US (b) Switzerland (c) Germany (d) Canada

12) Identify the product being introduced through the advertising…

13) Which is the first footwear brand in India to be associated with Disney characters in its Sandals?

(a)    Bata (b) Liberty (c) Action (d) Mochi

14) Which ad has two brand ambassadors of their own times- Sunil Gavaskar and Sania Mirza endorsing the same product?

(a)    Hyundai GETZ (b) Sunfeast Biscuits (c) Deutcshe Bank (d) ESPN

15) Which is the first ad that was being remixed; in short same wordings, same style and same concept but with new music and characters recently seen in television?

(a)    Lifebuoy Soap (b) Parle G (c) Bajaj Tubes and Bulbs (d) Vicks

(16) What name of the famous football group is printed on the kid’s Shirt shown in the ad?

(a)    Manchester United (b) Juventus (c) Arsenal (d) Liverpool

(17) Who is the new brand ambassador of the soft drink ‘Thums Up’?

(a)    Kunal Kapoor (b) Salman Khan (c) Siddharth (d) Akshay Kumar

(18) With whom would you associate the famous tagline: “Isko Laga dala Toh Life Jhingalala”…

(19) From where does Amitabh Bachhan get the bottle opener in the following ad?

Answers to the questions:

(1) b (2) c (3) c (4) d (5) c (6) Identification of car company in the clip

(7) Taglines of companies

(a)    SET Max


(c)    National Geographic

(d)   Castrol

(e)    AVIVA Life Insurance

(f)    Monte Carlo

(g)   Electrolux

(8) d (9) b (10) c (11) c (12) Question based on advertise shown on screen (13) c (14) c (15) c (16) b (17) a (18) TATA Sky (19) Ad-Question


  1. Coca-Cola has India is all set to launch brand-led mall hangout space- Cole Red Lounge in which city of India?

(a) Mumbai (b) Ahmedabad (c) Pune (d) Kolkata

  1. Which country launched the world’s first 4G mobile communication system?

(a)    Japan (b) Indonesia (c) India (d) China

  1. India’s largest drug maker Ranbaxy Laboratories collaborated with which global pharmaceutical major to include a wide range of therapeutics?

(a)    Cipla (b) Glaxosmithline (c) Torrent Pharma  (d) Zydus Cadilla

  1. Who are the new Chairman and Managing Director of HPCL?

(a)    M.B. Lal (b) Arun Balkrishnan (c) Swaminathan Iyer (d) Sudarshan Krishna

  1. The Tatas are planning to enter which segment of Business?

(a)    Textiles (b) Helicopter servicing Business (c) Aviation services (d) None

  1. Bajaj Auto Ltd. is all set to launch their scooter (gearless) built on DTSI-segment. Do u know the name?

(a)    Bajaj Spice (b) Bajaj Kristal (c) Bajaj Contra (d) Bajaj Sega

  1. First Flight Couriers, the country’s largest domestic courier company plans to foray itself in which segment?

(a)    Logistics (b) Retail (c) Finance (d) Design

  1. Which product by the TIME Magazine has been declared as the greatest invention of the year 2006?

(a)    Ipod NANO (b) Google Search Engine (c) Orkut (d) YouTube

  1. What was the name of the group, which in joint venture with Arvind Brands brought Tommy Hilfiger to India in 2004?

(a)    Aditya Birla Group (b) Vimal Suitings Ltd. (c) The Murjani Group (d) The Bombay Dyeing Group

  1. Godrej’s Aadhar Chains has tied up with Bank to offer attractive agri-credit facility through its rural hubs?

(a)    HSBC (b) ING Vyasya (c) HDFC (d) ICICI

  1. Who has become the new brand ambassador of Belmonte Sutiings & Shirtings?

(a)    Abhishek Bahchhan (b) Shahrukh Khan (c) Salman Khan (d) MS Dhoni

  1. Which company has been conferred the Golden Peacock award 2006 for corporate social responsibility?

(a)    TCS (b) Tata Motors (c) Infosys (d) L&T

  1. Taglines of various companies:

a)      Be Life Confident-

b)      The Engineer’s Choice-

c)      Zindagi Se Ek Kadam Aage-

d)     Mera Farz-

e)      Style it Soft-

f)       When you’re sure-

  1. Who will be the new CEO of NDTV Group?

(a)    Arun Balkrishnan (b) Pranay Roy (c) KVL Narayan (d) Arun Shukla

  1. Vodafone acquires Hutchison-Essar for how many $billion?

(a)    $18 billion (b) $17billion (c) $19billion (d) $19.5billion

  1. Biocon has announced plans to set up a vaccine biopharma manufacturing plant in which city?

(a)    Andhra Pradesh (b) Calcutta (c) Gujarat (d) Vishakhapatnam

Answers to above questions:

(1) c (2) d (3) b (4) b (5) b (6) b (7) a (8) d (9) c (10) c (11) b (12) b

(13) Taglines of famous companies

(14) BHARTI life Insurance

(15) Ultra Tech Cement

(16) KOTAK Mahindra Life Insurance

(17) ING Vyasya Bank

(18) Parachute Hair Gel Cream

(19) Business Standard

(20) c (21) c (22) a


  1. Which is the 1st Indian brand to sponsor MSN Messenger, most popular one-to-one messenger system on

(a)    Close-up (b) Pepsi (c) Videocon (d) Nirma

  1. FIAT, the Italian manufacturer, stands for?

(a)    Faccricca Italiana Automobile Toronto

(b)   Fabbrica Italiana Automobile Taranta

(c)    Fabrica Italia Automobile Tathiya

(d)   Fabbrica Italiana Automobile Torino

  1. ITC made its entry into the branded snack food market. Can u name the product????

  1. Retail Giant, Kishore Biyani stepped into another segment of retail business after successful launches of Pantaloons, Central etc. What is it?

(a)    Future first (b) Home Décor (c) Home Town (d) Future Home

  1. Who owns the sore throat reliever brand “SMYLE”?

(a)    Glaxo Smithkline (b) Proctor & Gamble (c) Kopran Pharmacueticals (d) Sun Pharma

  1. Who is the MD of Accenture (India)?

(a)    Shivani Pandya (b) Harsh Mankad (c) Harsh Manglik (d) Suresh Iyengar

  1. Discount retailer Subhiksha has tied up with which networks company to deploy in out of home media network for its retail stores?

(a)    Sony (b) Jive Networks (c) MTV Network (d) Spice Entertainment Network

  1. Godrej Consumers Ltd. has relaunched their soap product in the market. Name it.

(a)    Cinthol (b) Breeze (c) Vigil (d) None

  1. Diversified FMCG Company Dhariwaal Industries plans to enter into which sector?

(a) Petroleum Sector (b) Power Sector (c) Telecom Sector (d) Soft drinks sector

  1. Taglines of companies:

a)      Always Game-

b)      New Improved Life-

c)      You’re the fuel-

d)     Distinctly Ahead-

e)      Turn Work Into Play-

f)       Dikhane ko Jee Kare-

  1. The ’Catch’ Brand of Spices is from which group in the market?

(a)    Spayran Spices Ltd. (b) MDH Group (c) Dharampal Satyapal Group (d) Ramdev

  1. Which was the first car company to invent car bags for car safety during accidents?

(a)    FORD (b) MARUTI (c) HYUNDAI (d) GM

  1. Which petroleum company was first to export India’s aviation turbine fuel?

(a)    ESSAR (b) SHELL (c) Reliance Petroleum (d) Bharat Petroluem

  1. Which channel made its debut at 12:01 am on August 1st, 1981?

(a)    Channel V (b) DD India (c) MTV (d) None

  1. Bajaj Auto plans to come up with a new segment of launch in their business by 2010. Which segment they would be focusing into?

(a)    Two wheeler gearless scooter market

(b)   Goods Carrier Market

(c)    High CC bikes

(d)   CNG rickshaws

  1. Which Indian Car Company became the 1st to design & make a Sports utility vehicle in an American Market?

(a)    TATA motors (b) Hindustan Motors (c) Mahindra & Mahindra (d) Maruti Udhyog

  1. What is the original name of ‘ACCENTURE’?

(a)    Accent Calling (b) Anderson’s accent (c) Anderson Calling (d) Anderson Consulting

  1. Which company is behind the ‘Nature Fresh’ brands of Atta, maida and suji?

(a)    Kissan Annapurna (b) Dhariwaal Group of Companies (c) Cargil Foods (d) Pillsbury

  1. ‘RADHE’, a retail store brand stores opened in Ahmedabad earlier belongs to which famous business group?


  1. Which restaurant company owns the restaurant chains like ‘PIZZA HUT’, ‘KFC’, ‘TACO BELL’?

(a)  Starton Group of Hotels (b) Tricon Restaurant International (c) The Oasis International (d) The star group of Hotels

  1. Tarun Tejpal, was the executive editor of which magazine quitted to set up

(a)    India Today (b) Frontline (c) Business Line (d) The Outlook

Answers to previous questions:

(1) a (2) d (3) BINGO (4) c (5) d (6) c (7) b (8) c (9) b

(10) Taglines

(a)    HERO Honda Karizma

(b)   Videocon

(c)    Maruti Swift

(d)   Bajaj Krystal

(e)    Motoming

(f)    Greenlam Laminates

(11) c (12) d (13) c (14) c (15) b (16) c (17) d (18) c (19) a (20) d (21) d




BaseLine/Tagline/AdLine of Company/Brands
No. Company TagLine/AdLine/BaseLine

1 AKAI Land of rising technology
2 Gucci Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten
3 Reid and Taylor Bond with the Best
4 Pantaloons Where India Shops
5 OCM Be Somebody
6 Raymond The complete Man
7 Graviera Suitings THE MAN OF SUBSTANCE
8 Allen Solly Friday Dressing
9 Crocodile Tough Guys, dress easy
10 Wills LifeStyle Enjoy the Change
11 Parx (Raymond’s product) Catch up with life
12 Air India Moving India Forward
13 Lufthansa There is no better way to fly
15 Singapore Airlines A GREAT WAY TO FLY
16 Thai Airways SMOOTH AS SILK
17 Spice Jet Flying for everyone
18 Kingfisher airlines Fly the good times
19 Air Deccan Simplifly
20 VOLKSWAGEN Think Small
21 MARUTI SUZUKI Count on us
23 Bajaj Auto Inspiring Confidence
24 Hero Honda CBZ Motorcycling Unplugged
25 Hero Honda Passion Born in a studio, not in a factory
26 Bajaj Pulsar Born in a gym, not in a studio
27 Hyundai’s new ad Drive your way
28 Ford Mondeo Redefined Aggression
29 Toyota Touch The Perfection
30 Bajaj spirit The college bike
31 Ford Motors Built for the road ahead
32 Honda The power of dreams
33 SBI With you -all the way
34 Punjab National Bank The name you can bank upon
35 HSBC World’s local bank
36 Citibank The city never sleeps
37 UNION BANK OF INDIA Good people to bank with
38 OBC Where every individual is committed
39 BUSINESS STANDARD When you’re sure
40 Hindustan Times Let there be light
41 Doordarshan Satyam Sivam Sundaram
42 BSNL Connecting India
43 Nokia Connecting people
45 Tata Indicom Talk as you pay, pay as you talk-
46 Airtel Express Yourself
47 Trump (MTNL) The easy way to stay in touch
48 Tally Power of simplicity
49 Hughes Software Think skywards
50 Apple Computers THINK DIFFERENT
53 Insanely Different
54 Hitachi Inspire the Next
55 Nikon At the heart of the Image
57 Haier Inspired living
58 Onida Neighbor’s envy, Owner’s Pride
59 CROMPTON GREAVES Everyday solutions
64 Brooke Bond Cheers your senses
66 Samsonite Because you earned your wings
67 DHL We move the world
68 Tata Improving the quality of life
69 Tata Empowering People
70 Johnnie Walker whiskey Keep Walking
71 Club Mahindra Holidays Holidays for a lifetime
72 Parryware Sparkling clean glamour rooms
73 Virginia Slim Cigarettes YOU’VE COME A LONG WAY BABY
74 Cholamandalam Insurance ENTER A BETTER LIFE
75 Allianz Insurance THE POWER ON YOUR SIDE
76 Harrod’s retailer, London ENTER A DIFFERENT WORLD
78 Power (fuel with energy
boosters from HPCL) Unleash the power within
79 D’dmas Art of Beauty
80 Professional Tutorials Success Simplified
81 Blue Star May your theatre always be House Full
82 HYUNDAI ELANTRA Play a bigger game
83 Harley-Davidson If you don’t have to answer to anyone, what would you do
84 Accenture Innovation delivered
85 Fed-Ex The World On Time
86 Electrolux India Makes life a little easier
87 Times of India Let truth prevail
88 Energizer Keep going
89 Tata Indica Spoil Yourself
90 Lacoste Because what you are
91 BUSINESSWORLD Magazine of the new economy
92 ESSAR Steel 24 carat steel
93 DHL WE make importing Smooth
94 Kodak You press the button and we do the rest

Brand Ambassador of Company/BrandNo. Company/Brand Brand Brand Ambassador/ Endorsed

1 SUNFEAST Shahrukh Khan
Wills Lifestyle
2 John Players Hrithik Roshan
ITC hotels
Chairman- Yogi
AIM match sticks
3 WHIRLPOOL Kajol and Ajay Devgan
4 RASNA Karisma Kapoor & Hrithik Roshan
5 EPSON Printers Sushmita Sen
6 NEWPORT Jeans Saif Ali Khan
Shoes Sanjay Dutt
8 LEVIS Jeans Levis 501 range of jeans Bipasha Basu &. Shahrukh Khan
9 ACME Clothing PROVOGUE Fardeen Khan
10 RADO Lisa Ray
11 MOVADAO Twinkle khanna
12 LONGINES Aishwariya Rai
13 TAG HEUER Sharukh/Sushmita sen
14 Reebok Kaif
15 Castrol Ajay Jadeja and Rahul Dravid
16 Veedol Vinod Kambli
17 Dixcy and Amul MALLIKA SHERAWAT
18 BUICK CARS Tiger Woods, Preity Zinta
19 Kamsutra Condoms POOJA BEDI AND MARC
21 MIRZA Tanners Ltd Red Tape Shoes Salman Khan
ACEDEMY Soha Ali Khan
PRODUCTS Jacky Shroff
25 CAMAY Soap Dia Mirza
26 Max New York
Insurance Rahul Dravid
27 Liril Priety Zinta, Harishta Bhatt, Tara
28 Air Deccan’s Common Man (R. K. Laxman’s
29 CREAM BELL Icecream Saif Ali Khan
30 Ultra Heat Treatment
(UHT) Milk, ‘tetra pak
India’ company and
Samsung Tabu
31 SKumars Tamarind (readymade
wear) Hrithik Roshan.
32 Pizza hut Mallika Arora Khan
33 Godrej Consumer
Products and Bausch &
Lomb Mona singh (JASSI)
(Kerala) Sania Mirza
35 TATA TEA. HP, Lotto, and
Tata Indicom Sania Mirza
36 RELAXO Chappls Aftab Sivdasani
37 Yamaha John Abraham
38 Indigo Nation UPEN PATEL.
40 Speed/BPCL
Freshener) Narain Kartikeyan
41 AIS Glass Shoaib Akhtar
42 TVS Surya -Tamil Movie actor
43 Bank Of Rajasthan Hema Malini
44 Canara Bank Venkatesh Prasad
45 Bank Of Baroda Rahul Dravid
46 Dena Bank Juhi Chawla
47 ICICI Bank Amitabh Bachchan
48 UTI Bank Mona singh (JASSI)
49 Tata Tea Chakra Gold Tea Bhumika
50 Pizza Hut, Hero Honda
1) Which is the most expensive domain name to be auctioned on the net till date? for $8 mln [4.3 m pounds]
2) Why a name as queer as had a price tag of 3+ million dollars?
While Compaq owned the AltaVista technology some Marshall guy owned the domain name.
So the sale was a settlement of a long-standing dispute between the 2 parties. In 1998, it was
the highest recorded amt paid for a domain name, when digital owned AltaVista, the web add for
it was
[It was developed by Digital Corp. in 1995 then sold to Compaq. Now it's a part of overture (which
recently discovered is a part of yahoo!) AltaVista means view from above, WAS
3) What was Bill Gate’s and Paul Allen’s SAT score?
Paul Allen: 1600, which was considered to be all-perfect.
Bill Gate: 1590
4) Which school did Larry Ellison go to? When did he start Oracle?
Ellison went to Univ of Chicago, dropped out after one semester. Also had gone to UIC, dropped
out from there too… Oracle started of a CIA project in 1977. Ellison was 33 then. Oracle – 1978
5) Which company did Adobe buy recently and for how much?
Macromedia for $ 4 billion
6) Who founded Adobe along with John and when?
December 1982, John Warnock and Charles Geschke
7) Which Univ did Jhon study from
Univ of Utah (BS,MS,PhD )
8) Where is Adobe’s HQ and India center?
Headquarters: San Jose, California and India office at Noida
9) Why did founders named Adobe so?
Name of the river “Adobe Creek” that ran behind John’s house
10) ‘Corporated Incorporated’ and ‘Limited Unlimited’ were names considered but not
adopted. What was finally adopted ?
11) What was HP’s first product? When?
Audio oscillator. (1938)
12) Who is Andy Grove?
Intel CEO
13) What is the old name of 3i InfoTech? what does it 3 I stands for?
ICICI InfoTech is the old name
14) What is the consulting firm recently (not very recent) acquired by the electronics giant
Price Waterhouse Coopers
15) Which online matrimony site was founded by J. Murugavel, who himself found his wife
through the Internet.
16) Which new Mac. OS introduced by APPLE?
17) What was IBM nicknamed as in 1960′s?Why?
Big Blue, Due to its big size and blue color. Also the color of the it’s employees uniform, was
of blue color and they seemed to be present at most of the places. From original word. Big
18) Founder of 6-sigma methodology?
Motorola – actually brought in the practice
GE – developed n established it professionally
19) Finally MS has launched what’s seen as life threat to Adobe. What’s it
Metro. To be launched as part of Windows Longhorn. (Metro was Acrobat’s code name in dev
20) Hewlett & Packard, the founders, were very particular about the quality to be perfect.
When Carly was hired, she changed that to ….. (give name of what it is called)
Adopt and Go. Keep the winners and ditch the losers
21) HP – Compaq merger was challenged in court by one of the largest shareholders of HP,
Who was the guy? (He lost of course)
Walter Hewlett, Son of Bill Hewlett
22) What was Accenture previously known as??
Andersen Consulting
23) What is the name of the annual newsletter that Microsoft publishes?
10 Great Mistakes That Microsoft Did
24) Expand WIPRO.
West Indian Vegetable Products Ltd
25) HP developed a programming language as competitor to Java. What did they name it?
HP Chai
26) How did Apple have its name?
Actually, when Steve had to register the company name, he repeatedly asked the partners to
come up with some good name or else he will register it with whatever comes in his mind.
However, no one came up with any name till noon. When he was going for registration, he saw
someone eating apple during break and that struck his mind. Hence, he registered company
with same name and kept the same half bite apple as its symbol. (Read it long back on some
article about how some famous company got their names).
27) What is the personal finance software that competes with MS Money and gives it a run
for its money? This is one of the very few companies/products that have taken Microsoft
on and survived to tell the tale.
28) Who is “Hughes” in “Hughes Software” (Think skywards)?
Howard Hughes. [He created several companies in his lifetime, an offshoot of one was Hughes
Networks. Hughes Software is primarily owned by Hughes Networks.]
29) What is the full form of YAHOO!
Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle
[For Google : The company formed was called GOOGOL (derived from Googlplex). However
the first contract cheque that the founders received was for GOOGLE. Hence the company
came to be known as GOOGLE.]
30) Largest BPO in India? 2nd largest?
Largest -WNS Global Services, 2 largest- Spectramind
31) Name the person who pioneered Macintosh.
Steve Jobbs, Steve Wozniak
32) Whose designed computer in garage took the world by storm?
Steve Jobbs, Steve Wozniak
33) ‘India’s Online Marketplace’ is now …?
Ebay India(formerly
34) Which country has the domain name “.ch”?
Switzerland [ its after the Latin name for Switzerland Confoederatio Helvetica (CH)]
35) When MIT graduate Ray Tomlinson showed his invention to one of his colleagues he
also told him: “Don’t tell anyone I did this! This is not what we are supposed to be
working on.” What did Tomilson invent?
Email… [Ray Tomilson invented email and also popularized the '@' sign for email addresses.]
36) Connect: Microsoft, Garry Kasparov & Irina Krush.
World Internet chess championship
[ In 1999, a 'Kasparov vs. The World' chess match was held on Although anybody in
the world could suggest a move, literally the entire world went by teenage prodigy Irina
Krush's (15 yrs.) choice of moves.]
37) Who coined the term “Information Superhighway”?
Al gore Former US Vice-President
38) Which famous software personality once admitted on the David Letterman show in the
US that he modified his school time-table program so that all girls would be in his class
at any given time?
Bill gates
39) What major technology was developed by European telecom major Ericsson in 1999?
How did the technology get its name?
Blue tooth. Ericsson named the technology after Danish king Harald Blatand, better known
As Harald Blue tooth. The king gad a great desire for blueberries due to which his teeth would
always remain blue & hence the nickname.
40) Which Internet term originally meant “harmless, creative fun”?
41) US firm that I-flex bought last year?
42) What is i-flex core banking solution platform called?
43) Which international software company has got so many Indians that it has got a special
Indian cafeteria?
44) World’s richest bachelor is
Larry Ellison
[ According to Forbes, the richest bachelors(and hence the most eligible also) are Sergey
Brin(31) and Larry Page(32), the famed 'google boys'. Each of them is worth $7.2 billion.
and Lawrence Ellison(Oracle) is married with 2 kids.]
45) Which Indian started his company on 3rd floor apartment at 10 St Paul Street,
Cambridge Massachusetts? His wife was his first employee and the year was 1972.
Narendra K Patni
46) Infosys has decided to make a Public Offering Without Listing in—-
47) Which computer Firm also manufactured clocks ?
[From the close of the 19th century through 1958, IBM and its predecessors manufactured and
sold a wide variety of devices and systems to record, use, transmit and display time. The
International Time Recording Company, makers of all types of timekeeping systems, was made a
division of the IBM Corporation . IBM sold the Time Equipment Division to Simplex in 1958.]
48) What is common to a cursor, Dynamic RAM ( DRAM) , Floppy Disk and RISC
architecture ?
[IBM invented many of the core technologies used in all forms of computing, including the first
hard disk drive and the Winchester hard disk drive, the cursor (on computer screens), Dynamic
RAM (DRAM), the relational database, Thin Film recording heads, RISC architecture, the Scanning
Tunneling Microscope, and the floppy disk. The infamous Control-Alt-Delete keystroke (Bradly,
2001: "I invented it, but it was Bill that made it famous"), also invented at IBM, is still frequently
used on PCs running Windows operating systems.]
49) What is the full form of Intel?
Integrated Electronics
50) Who is the famous brother in law of Gururaj Deshpande, the promoter of sycamore
N R Narayana Murthy
51) Who is the chairman & CEO of i2 Technologies?
Founder-Chairman of i2 Technologies – Sanjiv Sidhu
52) Which Indian played a lead role in the development of the Pentium Chip for Intel and
also the K6 chip for AMD?
Vinod Dham (he’s from DCE)
53) What designation the founders of Yahoo have? Also, name the founders.
David Filo and Jerry Young designation is Chief Yahoo!
54) Cool was codename for what. It was from a major software company based in
Washington State, US.
Cool is C# by Microsoft
55) According to CNN, Internet, Cell phone, PC and Fiber Optics come at 1,2,3, and 4 in the
Top 25 innovations in the technical world . Which innovation occupies the 5th position?
56) What was coined on June 12, 1995 in an e-mail sent by a 52-year old Massachusetts
Programmer named David Eddy. He later said, “People were calling it CDC and Faddle.
There were other contenders. It just came off my fingertips.” What am I referring to?
57) IBM BCS bought which consulting major?
PriceWater Coopers PWC
58) Addition of “N” ; in the European version of Windows XP ; i.e. XPN signifies –
it means Not included with windows media player.
59) At CEBIT-05 which company had it’s theme as “Heart of Technology”
60) Which Indian businessman was part of the design team at Intel that designed the Intel
80486 microprocessor?
Rajeev Chandrasekhar of BPL
61) Which university did Bill Gates drop out before establishing Microsoft ?
62) When Carly Fiorina joined HP, she started the campaign to renovate its image. What
Exactly did she do?
It was a video campaign showing the garage where Hewlett& Packard first made that oscillator,
And then showing her in front of it
India Business
1) What would be the name of the airline brand which ROYAL AIRWAYS erstwhile modiluft
airways is going to launch this summer?
Spice Jet
2) What is the name of the low cost airline floated by AIR INDIA?
Air-India Express
3) Which company has done an in house advertisement in AIR DECCAN? Also which
Television Company is written in AIR DECCAN flights?
4) Which is the biggest passenger plane??
Airbus A380
5) What is the name of the holding company JET AIRWAYS promoted by Naresh Goyal?
Tail Winds [Registered in the Isle of Man, Mauritius, owns 99.99% in Jet Airways]
6) Who is the started Air Deccan?
Captain G.R. Gopinath
7) Rono Dutta is CEO of which Airlines? He represented which Airlines in the past as CEO?
Air Sahara [Previously United Airlines]
8) Which Airline associated with the Billionaire Howard Hughes, finally went under in
January 2001 and was bought over by American Airlines?
TWA or Trans World Airline
9) Busiest airport in the world?
Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Atlanta US
10) What was Spice Jet Ltd. previously known as ?
Royal Airways [Modiluft Airways. of K.K.Modi Group]
11) Who makes Mirage fighter jets?
Dassault Aviation
12) Some aero planes of which airline sported Meera Mehta’s “Paithan Sari Motif” on
their tails for sometime?
British airways
13) IA signed a 120 Cr. deal recently with a company for providing aircraft maintenances
support? Which company?
Kingfisher Airlines [the airlines floated by liquor baron Vijay Mallaya started operations on May
with a Banglore-Mumbai flight, said pricing would be not like Air Deccan but around 20%
cheaper then Jet, Sahara and IA.]
14) V. Thulasidas is associated with which company?
Air India, Managing Director
15) Airline Code for King Fisher Airlines?
IT (one of the better Q’s in the Quiz)
16) Who is eyeing a 74% stake in AIR SAHARA??
17) With which group ZEE group has done alliance 2 compete with Times of India in Mumbai
and other regions?
Dainik Bhaskar group
18) How do you know Indra Nooyie? Her recent achievement?
CEO of Pepsi Co. Achievement is in a joint committee with CEO Steven Reinemund to develop
North American market
19) Who is the highest paid CEO of India? Latest achievement?
Vivek Paul –Wipro, Achievement is he has got a place in Barron’s list of top 30 managers of
the world
20) Liquor baron VIJAY MALLAYA owns a monthly magazine. Name it.
21) Name the television channel of UTV.
Hungama TV
22) Which Bank was the main funding partner for Ambani when he started out?
Syndicate bank
23) Metal Junction, the dotcom for procurement and selling services of steel products and
Ferro alloys, is the venture between which two Indian steel companies?
Sail & Tata Steel
24) Which Indian company recently forged a joint venture with the Michelin Group, one of
the global tyre majors?
Apollo tyres
25) In which television channel does actor Jackie Shroff have a stake?
SONY entertainment television
26) Eureka Forbes is part of which group of companies?
TATA Group
27) Who has been the only Chairman of the Tata Group who wasn’t a Tata?
Sir Nowroji Saklatvala
28) Mudra, India’s 1st adv firm, started with only one customer? Which one?
29) What’s the name of autobiography written by Mudra’s just retired CEO?
THE INVISIBLE CEO by A.G. Krishnamurthy
30) Recently which company has acquired the ColorPlus?
RAYMOND (Gautam Singhania)
31) When send an SMS and end up winning a free cruise in Singapore!’ this headline was
seeing in the print ad of which cellular phone service brand?
32) Ravi Deol is the CEO of which company?
33) Currently with which company, Alcatel has tied-up to beef up its marketing and
distribution channel?
34) Which company has launched ‘most fuel-efficient’ bike?
Hero Motors
35) Ashwin Dani is the Managing Director of which company?
Asian Paints
36) Which agency currently handles HP Gas account?
37) ‘Now, 2 different talcs in the same pack!’ this headline was seeing in the print ad of
which talcum powder brand?
Fair and Lovely
38) The brand Galleria belongs to?
Galleria is of THOMSON (claiming US’s no 1 TV company)
39) Which brand has the “Whistle and win contest”?
40) After RELIANCE INFOCOMM, which company has now fallen into a row with BSNL
regarding inter connectivity problems?
Tata Indicom
41) A company has agreed to pay somewhat like 100 crores to M.F.Hussain for his 100
paintings? what is the name of the company?
Swarup Group of Industries
42) And who has been roped 2 endorse the paintings??
43)Mr. M A Alagappan is the chairman of which Indian bicycle major?
Tube Investement Cycles (TI cycles) [Part of the Murugappa Group]
44) Which ad agency currently handles the ‘Outlook’ magazine account?
Triton Communications
45) which nationalized bank has signed a MoU with Bajaj Auto Limited to finance Bajaj two-
Canara bank
46) Which suiting brand has come up with a ‘Win 4 Sure’ offer, which entitles a consumer to
an assured gift?
47) Which car major has recently launched ‘Petra’ in Indian market?
48) Tobacco major ‘Godfrey Phillips’, is a flagship company of which group?
K K Modi
[Shri Krishan Kumar Modi (born on-August 27, 1940 at Patiala) is the eldest son of Late Rai
Bhadur Gujrarmal Modi (1902-1976), the Founder of MODI GROUP OF INDUSTRIES
Godfrey Phillips India is a joint venture between K K Modi (36.67%) and Philip Morris (35.93%)
of the US, Also K.K. Modi owns MODICARE. and he is ex-Chairman of FICCI]
49) Which company owns The Black Berrys range of ready-made garments ?
Mohan Clothing Company, Gurgaon
50) The brand Keo Karpin belongs to which company?
Dey’s medical
51) What does BPL & LG stands for?
LG – Lucky Goldstar
BPL – British Physical Laboratories
52) What is the projected name of the new ZEE-DAINIK BHASKAR alliance newspaper to be
launched in Mumbai in June?
DNA [DNA-Daily News & Analysis]
53) Name the news channel owned by DAINIK JAGRAN?
Channel 7
54) Which company was involved in a controversy for having used Adolph Hitler’s picture in
its advertisement?
Louis Philippe
55) Where are the Head Quarters of Asian Development Bank?
56) Which company is India’s largest synthetic textile producer?
57) Whats does TIPS stand in TIPS Cassettes Industries?
To Improve and Promote Singing
58) What is the name of the music label(company) owned by producer VASHU
59) Which is the largest traded e-commerce site in India?
tickets booking site of Indian Railways
60) A comp painted whole of concord blue for ad campaign, which was it?
61) Mr. V. Leeladhar is the chairman of which nationalized bank?
Union Bank of India
61) Which television brand has announced the launch of its ‘Gol do, Flat lo’ exchange offer?
62) What is the name of the mobile launched by NOKIA in India starting from 2lakhs to 17
lakhs premium range. and who is the distributor for it?
Mobile: Vertu, Distributor: Regent Watches & Jewellery Company, MUMBAI
63) is a part of which company?
Agni Media Pvt Ltd
64) Which company was launched by Manoj Prabhakar?
Naturence Research Labs Pvt Ltd
65) Why was Rajdeep Sardesai in news recently?
Rajdeep recently left NDTV, considered to be his Alma mater is Times of India
[He left NDTV n joined hands with TV18 group for BROADCAST news channel- a journalists'
initiative. to be launched in September/October 2005]
66) A recent magazine named this as “India’s best known and biggest brand overseas”,
though it is not a brand in the conventional sense. Name the brand.
67) Which Indian confectioneries brand and Times Warner are involved in legal wrangle
over the ‘Bunny’ logo?
68) What we know as Maruti Zen was launched worldwide by Suzuki in the 90’s under
what name?
69) In which fashion house did the minister Maneka Gandhi address her remark, “The skin
of the python is no less precious to the snake than fur is to the fox”?
Calvin Klein
70) First ever IPO by some bollywood company?
Mukta Arts
71) Which publishing group owns Star News?
ABP-Anand Bazaar Publications
72) Once mudra high post guy was sittin watching a cric match, suddenly his mind gets an
idea and he creates a first ever kind of its ad (by Mudra of course), a mega hit !! Can u
recall the ad?
it was only Vimal, match was between India & West Indies, so its the ad of Viv in Vimal and
was first ad with cricketers in suiting
73) The Monte Carlo and Canterbury brands are owned by ?
Mohan Clothing
74) Which cloth manufacturing company has filed its IPO papers with SEBI ?
Provogue [Acme Clothing]
75) What would be the new name of Hindustan Lever Limited(HLL) ?
Hindustan Unilever India
76) Which former high profile CEO in India has started the firm SKA Advisory?
Sunil Alagh of Britannia
77) Which site is the 2nd largest online trading site after
78) Which are the two production companies floated by ShahRukh Khan??
Dreamz Unlimited / Red Chillies Entertainment
79) What is the name of the movies producing company of Birla’s?Name two movies
produced by the same company?
The company is Applause Entertainment Pvt Ltd.
The two movies are Dev(Amitabh Bacchan) & Black
80) Name two movies produced by Kishore Biyani’s Pantaloons?
Hritik’s Na Tum Jaano Na Hum
CHURA LIYA HAI TUMNE(Esha Deol n Zayed Khan)
81) Which actor is the MD of a BPO called as Pro-Lease
Arvind Swami
82) Which Indian company is the largest producer of denim in the world?
Arvind Mills
83) What is Joint Venture between NTPC and BSES knows as??
UTILITY POWER TECH LTD [Incorporated 1996 -- NTPC 50% BSES 50%]
84) Which Private group is the largest producer of white cement in India?
85) Which Private group is the world leader in viscose staple fiber?
86) Which Private group is the world’s largest single location palm oil refinery?
(84)-(85)-(86) Aditya Birla Group [Cement-Grasim n Refinery-Pan Century]
87) ITC and HLL each has started CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives. What
Were they?
E-Choupal n Project Shakti
88) Unlike reliance, which other Indian major solved the bro-bro fight btw themselves
without going to the court?
89) How we know Bajaj Tempo today?
Force Motors
90) Bajaj Auto is going to re-launch one of their bikes. Which bike?
91) Who is Kinetic’s partner for bringing Acquila in India?
Hyosung Motors
92) What is the name of the new FM channel introduced by India Today?
Red FM [on 26th June 2002 - Punch line - "Red is in your hand"]
93) What is ‘Agfa’ the trade mark for?
Pictures & Photo accessories
94) Which company’s commercial is India’s first win at Cannes?
Erricson Mobile
[One black coffee, please' TV commercial by Ericsson when it launched the smallest mobile
phone in 1996. (Ad director: Prasson Pandey)]
95) What was the erstwhile name of the Ambassador?
Hindustan Landmaster
96) New model planned for Chevy?
Chevy Trailblazer ss
97) Skoda’s recent launch??
Skoda interiors Laurin & Klement
98) STAR in STAR network stands for–
Satellite Television for Asian Region
99) TEN in TEN Sports stands for–
Taj Entertainment Network
100) Mudra got Rasna as its 2nd customer, to catapult it in soft drink market, what ad line
did Mudra came up with
I love u Rasna
101) What business exactly did reliance start in?
102) What would be the new name of Bajaj Eliminator??
103) What is common to the BSE and the Vadodara Stock Exchange?
Both are located on Dalal Street
104) 1st Indian Listing on Singapore Stock Exchange–
Meghmani Organics
105) Kinetic engg. is going to launch Rs.2 lakhs sports bike called–
Comet 250
106) Weekly Entertainment supplement of Hindustan Times–
107) 1st PSU to come up with concept of Branded Fuel–
108) Which company is marketing Royal Enfield?
Eicher Group Sidharth Lal
109) Which person is behind store chain `Westside’?
Simone Tata
110) Which brand is related to `Westside’?
111) Which food joints had a major ad Blitz with the “Hungry Kya?’ campaign?
Dominoz Pizza
112) Which company has 49% stake in `Fascel’?
113) From whom Hindustan Lever took over Lakme?
TATA Group
114) By which name WESTSIDE was known earlier?
[The Westside story really began in 1997, when the Tatas sold Lakme, their cosmetics
business, to Hindustan Lever and acquired the Britain-based Littlewoods retail chain. A new entity
called Trent Limited emerged from this move and Littlewoods was renamed Westside. Today
Westside has seven outlets, one each in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, New
Delhi and Kolkata.,Ahmedabad]
115) Who is the Brand ambassador for Jolen(US company) beauty care in India?
Pakistani Actress Meera [She unveiled the product in Bangalore recently]
116) Which automobile company in India is going to unveil its new logo soon?
117) Fortune brand of hotels are owned by?
ITC group
118) Current chairman of the planning commission of India?
Manmohan Singh
119) Who made the largest foreign acquisition by an Indian ever?
Mr. P. Chatterjee [The Chatterjee Group in West Bengal, acquired Basell NV of Netherlands
with the help of Access Industries of US]
120) How many companies does the Tata group own?
121) Who owns ‘the Marine Scope’ , ‘Twin city Times’ (Papers of San Francisco)?
Vijay Mallya
122) Which ex-Indian Cricketer owns the company ‘PDM Sports’?
Ajay Jadeja
123) HAL chairman?
N R Mohanti
124) What is the Korean steel major that plans to set up a steel plant in Orissa, the biggest
proposed FDI in India till date?
Posco Steel
125) Which product/service was promoted with the phrase “let your fingers do the walking’?
Yellow Pages
126) Which publishing house launched a tea brand that subsequently failed called ‘Editor’s
Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd(TOI n ET publisher)
127) Sidestreet, High street, Gotsby and Rituals are a range from whom?
128) Videocon recently brought the electronic division of–
Hyundai………exactly Hyundai Electronics India Ltd
129) Head of Bisleri? He owned lot more brands other than Bisleri…to which co. did he sell?
Ramesh Chauhan. [He made a bundle selling ThumsUp,GoldSpot aadi to Coke back in the
130) For which item is Tirupur well known as a huge exporter to many parts of the world?
Knitted Garments
131) Which company owns CMC Ltd?
CMC is a TATA Enterprise
132) Which place in India is well known for its Bio-Diesel Plant?
Kakinada in AP
133) Which group owns Business-World Magazine?
Anand Bazaar Patrika
134) What was so special about Naina Lal Kidwai when she did her MBA from Harvard in
She was the first Indian Woman to Graduate from the Harvard Business School, in 1982
135) Who’s the chairman of Biocon India Ltd?
Kiran Mazumdar Shaw
136) While plans of POSCO, a steel major, has been mothballed, which another steel giant
(and from which country) has awaken to make a mark at the dawn of emerging great
Indian Economy?
LNM Steel. They’re looking at a Greenfield project in Jharkand that has the TATA’s cryin
Hoarse, And Posco is in trouble with its project in Orissa as they want to export much more
tones of iron ore from Orissa than the govt is willing to allow
137) How do we Know MAKER CHAMBERS IV, 222 Nariman Point , Mumbai better as ?
Reliance Industries has its HQ on 3rd floor , Maker chambers , Nariman Point .
138) How do we know the Institution, Rippan Kapur started way back in 1979, with a mere
Rs 50/- ?
Ripan Kapur started Child Relief and You ( CRY ) to help millions of destitute children across
country . [Commendable entrepepreneurship by Ripan , who started this operation from his
house dining table . His first fund raising event was "Buy a brick , Build a School" way back in
1980 and was aimed at sensitizing privileged school children towards the needs of their
Lesser-privileged counterpart .]
139) How do we know “Burmah Shell ” today ?
BPCL (A Government of India Undertaking ) was established in 1976, when the Burmah Shell
Oil Storage & Distribution Company of India was nationalized .
140) How much are LUX Beauty soap models paid ?
Nothing !!! It is a privilege for a models/actress to be in LUX Beauty soap opera.

141) Amartya Sen, seats high on Indian Government Order of precedence, than the Chief
Election Commissioner. Serious OR Joking?
I am serious .
[The Indian order of precedence is the protocol list at which Indian government officials are
seated according to their hierarchy. This is not the list of succession. Bharat Ratna carries no
special title, but they do have a place in the order of precedence.
1 President
2 Vice President
3 Prime Minister
4 Governors of States in their governing states
5 Former Presidents
5a Deputy Prime Minister (if existing)
6 Chief Justice of India
Speaker of the Lok Sabha
7 Union Cabinet Ministers
Chief Ministers in their governing states
Dy. Chairman, Planning Commission
Former Prime Ministers
Leaders of Opposition of the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha
7a Bharat Ratna awardees
8 Ambassadors extraordinary and plenipotentiary and High Commissioners of
Commonwealth accredited to India.
Chief Ministers of states, outside their governing states.
Governors of states outside their respective states.
9 Judges of the Supreme Court
9a Chief Election Commissioner
Comptroller and Auditor-General
10 Dy. Chairman, Rajya Sabha
Dy. Chief Ministers of their states
Dy. Speaker, Lok Sabha
Members of the Planning Commission
Ministers of State in the Union and Defence Ministry
11 Attorney General of India
Cabinet Secretary
Lt. Governors within their Union territory
12 Chiefs of Staff holding the rank of full General or equivalent rank
142) Grandpa King and Granny Queen. which organization gives away those titles
Grandpa King and Granny Queen - Beauty Contest for aged people by Helpage India.
143) What was the name of Mahindra and Mahindra and where does that name came from?
Mahindra & Mohammad. it was formed before independence, after independence
Mr. Mohammad left India. so it was changed to Mahindra & Mahindra keeping M & M as same

144) Name of the DTH of Tata-Star venture? Also tell about the stake of both the parties.
Space TV -- 80% Tata and 20% Star Group.
145) Which company owns Dish TV?
Zee Group
146) Which Indian got listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the worlds
youngest self-made millionaire?
Bunny Reuben
147) Along with Gary Hamel, which Indian coined the term 'core competency'?
C K Prahalad
148) Which Indian sportsperson formed 'Hyde Park' Entertainment, a film production
company in Hollywood with David Hoberman in 1999?
Ashok Amritraj
149) Which businessman of Indian Origin is the Lord Paul of Marylebone? He was the
founder of which group of Industries?
Lord Swaraj Paul, Caparo Group
150) What was formed under the banyan tree at Horniman Circle?
Bombay Stock Exchange.
151) The first public sector share quoted in BSE?
152) The first woman president of a stock exchange in India?
Omana Abraham, Cochin Stock Excange
153) Which top Indian honor did renowned cartoonist R.K. Laxman win recently?
The Padma Bhushan
154) DNA is being launched by ?
Zee Bhaskar
155) What is common to Kapildev, Mithun Chakravarthy, Zakir Hussain, Kamalahaasan?
They all appeared in ads of finance ministry for VDIS (Voluntary Disclosure of Income
156) Which telecommunications giant also owns the phone making company beetel?
Bahrti Telecom

157) From whom did LN Mittal buy his palatial home in UK?
Bernie Ecclestone, the Formula One motor racing tycoon for $120 million from. [It is called
Billioner's lane where you would find the palaces of Queen, Elton Jhone and such likes.]
158) Who was the first female sportsperson to endorse Pepsi?
159) This famous multinational company entered the Indian biscuit market & took
operations of Nutrine confectionaries. Within two years of its launch it announced its
exit from Indian market. Name the company.
Sara Lee
160) What is the name of India’s first two way high speed internet device launched by Bharti
161) when Steel Ministry in India was first formed? Who was the head of it then?
The ministry of Steel was formed on 30th May, 1955 and the first steel minister was
162) The number of Agriculture Export Zones at present in India is?
163) What is an unusual service offered by Bank of Baroda at Tirupati?
It’s the Prasada, the special darshan ticket holders collect their Ladoo at the bank counter
164) Hindustan Motors’ Ambassador adopted its model from Which British car model?
Morris Oxford
165) Recently our Honorable PM has formed Knowledge Commission. Who is the chairman
of the commission?
Sam Pitroda of World Tel
166) Khaitan’s (which) tea company bought which another Tea Company (which is the
holder group)?
Brijmohan Khaitan’s tea company McLeod Russel is buying Williamson Tea Assam
Holding Company Borelli Tea Holdings Ltd, UK
167) Can you tell the % growth for the following industries in 2004-05?
Software – 34%
Textile -29.4%
BPO- somewhere near 31.5%
168) Company ‘maharashtra scooters’ belong to which group?

169) ‘Nobody cares as much’ is the tagline of which firm?
Taj Hotels, Resorts & Palaces
170) India’s first color TV was launched by which company & in which year?
In 1983, through a technical tie-up with Toshiba of Japan, Videocon International Limited
launched India’s first Color Television
171) Which Indian conglomerate’s logo is designed by Wolf Olins and it reflects the ‘Fluid
172) Which famous Indian mascot was conceived and created by Bobby Kooka along with
Umesh Rao, an artist with J.Walter Thompson Ltd., Mumbai?
Air India maharaja
173) What is the exact designation hold by Mr.Piyush Pandey at O&M?
Chairman and National Creative Director of O&M.
174) Nirma has entered into an alliance with Procter & Gamble to manufacture and
distribute one of its brands in India. Which one?
175) In 2001, which Indian Industrial house obtained world rights to Allen Solly?
Indian Rayon
176) Who owns the majority stake in CNBC (name the TV channel)?
Raghav Bahl’s TV18
177) In which year did the Bournvita quiz contest make its debut?
Bournvita Quiz Contest made its debut on radio in 1972 and moved to television in 1994
178) Which agency did UTI hire to rebuild its image, after the fiasco of its US-64 scheme?
FCB Ulka
179) Who runs the Bangalore-based Stump Vision – the only company in India focused on
providing software solutions to the sporting fraternity?
Anil Kumble
180) What is the name of to be launched news channel of Benett,Coleman n Co. Ltd?
Times Now
181) Which company owns Farex brand?

182) Which Indian economist or guru has signed up Sachin Tendulkar as its BA for 1 of its
Arindam Chaudhary for his GIDF(Great Indian Dream Foundation)
183) K.Srikanth is endorsing which brand(also looking for product name)?
184) Which group owns INOX cinemas??
Inox group
185) Which Indian actor has inspired the brands SK Gold and SK Silver?
Shah Rukh Khan
186) Ezee, Trilo & Key from Cussons India Ltd., was acquired by whom ?
187) Which mercantile institution was set up by Sardar Dayal Singh Majithia on 19 May,
1894, with an emblem of three mountain peaks?
Punjab National Bank
188) Which trading house was started in 1894 as a collaboration between Tata Sons and
Volkart Brothers?
189) The companies EID Parry, Carborundrum Universal and Coromandel Engineering are
all part of which Indian business group?
The Murugappa Group
190) What trade organization was founded by a group of industrialists led by G.D. Birla and
Purushottam Thakur Das in 1927?
FICCI [Federation of International Chambers and Commerce of India]
191) Which industrialist, who was also responsible for setting up the Vishakhapatnam
Shipyard, established the Hindustan Aircraft Ltd. in Bangalore in 1940?
Walchand Hirachand
192) Which Indian brand name, set up by the Tatas, get its name from a Leon Delibes opera
about an Indian maiden called Lakshmi?
193) Which Calcutta-born industrialist contributed a sum of Rs 22000 in the twenties for
C.V. Raman’s path breaking research, which won him the Nobel Prize?
G.D. Birla

194) With the acquisition of which British owned hotel did M.S.Oberoi start his hotel chain
in 1934?
Cecil Hotel Simla
195) Which company began in the late nineteenth century from a small house in Calcutta’s
Cotton Street, which served as Dr.S.K Burman’s free dispensary?
196) Which business magnate pioneered the concept of a hospital as a corporate venture
through his Indian Hospital Corporation formed in 1982?
Pratap Reddy
197) What company was set up by T.P.G. Nambiar in 1963 to manufacture measuring
instruments like multimeters and oscilloscopes?
BPL India Ltd
198) Who resigned as a finance minister in 1958 following Justice Chagla’s report on the
LIC Haridas Mundhra share imbroglio?
T T Krishnamachari
199) Gulf Oil and IndusInd Bank are group companies of which business house?
The Hindujas
200) Which Indian household brand name was initiated by Kaka Dandekar in 1930 as a
Swadeshi product range, and was named after an American cigarette brand?
201) In 1984, which company became the first to be taken over by its worker’s union?
Kamani Tubes Ltd
202) In 1872 which Parsi master ship-builder who was originally from Surat, constructed the
first docks in Bombay?
Jamsedji Wadia
203) Which Indian businessman entered into a collaboration with Carr Gordon and Princep
to form India’s first foreign collaboration in 1833?
Dwarka Nath Tagore
204) When the Prince of Wales Museum started in 1922 the art collection of which business
house was the first major acquisition of the museum?
205) PIT Stops are retail sales and Service Outlets for which automotive battery brand?

206) The Future of India-Politics, Economics & Governance; who wrote the Book ?
Bimal Jalan
207) “Eicher” Sold to which company?
208) “Kool” is a brand name of which Cigar company ?
209) Jumbo King in Bombay
Vada Pav .
210) Who wrote the Jingle, “Naughty but Nice” for a Shampoo Ad
Salman Rushdie.
211) Which city in eastern India was originally built for the workers of Sakchi and got its
present name in 1919?
212) The bat is the registered trademark of which drinks company?
213) Which company has opened “ProBiking” showrooms across various cities in India??
BAJAJ AUTO [Probiking showrooms will sell bikes all bikes with a power of more than 150cc
will be sold there, so as of now 2 bikes of Bajaj in the >150 cc segment, Pulsar 180 n
Avenger – Avenge too is 180cc DTSi engine]
214) Who took a major stake in Landmark recently??
215) Which company may buy out 25% in Vivek’s (South India’s famous consumer durable
216) PVR cinemas may be acquired by?
Anil Ambani
217) Which music channel owns VH1(music channel)???
218) Who owns Ayush therapy centers?
Hindustan Lever
219) Expand MTR.
Mid Term Review

220) Which auto company owns Sunadaram Fasteners and Sundaram Clayton?
TVS Group
221) Who owns Kaya Skin Clinics?
Marico Industries
222) Which company got the Emerging company award in ET Awards?
Jet Airways
223) Sharukh Khan has been roped in as Brand Ambassador by which cosmetics company
EMAMI ( SRK is Brand Ambassador of LUX also)
224) What is the name of the car to be launched by FORD this November?
Ford Fiesta
225) Which is India’s largest amusement park (theme park)? which company owns it?
Wonder-Laa, its from V Guard Group of Kochi [V Guard is into stabilizers, water heaters,
Geysers n stuffs.]
226) Which Indian company did Sumantra Ghosal worked for before taking up teaching?
[ he had joined IOCL in the same batch when Subbir Raha (ONGC) and Prashanto Bannerji
(GAIL) and Behuria joined IOCL in 1974 (a bit unsure +/- 2 years).Ghoshal was the first one
to leave the co. to make better future]

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Business Quiz Questions – India Business Quiz with Answers

Business Quiz Questions – India Business Quiz with Answers

1) What is the name of Head Quarters of Tata Group?
Answer: Bombay House2) India’s first steel mill was built by Tata. In which year was it completed?
Answer: 19113) About 66% of the Tata capital is allocated by Tata Sons for which purpose?
Answer: Philanthropic trusts4) What was the first Indian luxury hotel established by the Tata Group?
Answer: Taj Mahal Hotel5) The Tata group consists of how many companies?
Answer: 80 6) When was the ministry of divestment formed in India?
Answer: 1999 7) Which was the first successful divestment of a PSU carried out by the ruling NDA combine?
Answer: Lagan Jute Machinery Company Ltd8) Who were the final three bidders for Balco when it was being privatised?(Bharat Aluminium Corporation ltd)
Answer: Sterlite, Hindalco, Alcoa

9) Who was the first minister for divestment under NDA government?
Answer: Arun Jaitley

10) Under which Indian prime minister were guidelines for the divestment process first laid down?
Answer: Chandra Shekhar

11) Who are the Bretton Woods Sisters?
Answer: World Bank and IMF

12) Who is the President of World Bank?
Answer: Robert Bruce Zoellvick

13) Who is the President of IMF?
Answer: Domanic Strauss Kahan

14) Who is WTO Chief?
Answer: Pascal Lamy

15) When did the World Bank come into being?
Answer: July 1944

16) What was Former Name of World Bank?
Answer: International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD)17) Who was the first president of the World Bank?
Answer: Eugene Meyer (18 June, 1946)18) Which Asian nation was the first to get a World Bank loan?
Answer: India on August 18, 1949 for Railway Reconstruction and Development.19) When did India sign the World Bank Articles of Agreement?
Answer: 1945 20) Which organisation instituted the Nobel Prize for Economics?
Answer: Sveriges Riksbank (Bank of Sweeden) 21) Who is the first Asian to win the Nobel Prize for Economics?
Answer: Amartya Sen (for his studies in Wellfare Ecconomics)22) How many women have won the Nobel Prize for Economics since 1969?
Answer: None

23) Who is the oldest recipient of the Nobel Prize for Economics?
Answer: William Vickrey

24) How many times have three people shared the Nobel Prize for Economics?
Answer: Three Times

25) Who was the first governor of the Reserve Bank of India?
Answer: Sir Osborne Smith (April 1st, 1935)

26) Who has been the longest-serving RBI governor?
Answer: Sir Bengal Rama Raju

27) Who had the shortest term as RBI governor?
Answer: A.Ghosh

28) Which RBI governor has written Indian Economy: Essays on Money and Finance?
Answer: Dr C Rangarajan

29) Who was the first Indian to become the RBI governor?
Answer: Sir Chintaman D Deshmukh

30) Which brand of scooter when translated into Italian means ‘wasp’?
Answer: Vespa

31) Which popular car audio system company’s name when translated into German means ‘blue point’?
Answer: Blaupunkt

32) Which brand name is derived from the word ‘polar’ suggesting coolness?
Answer: Polo

33) When translated in Korean what does Daewoo mean?
Answer: Great Universe

34) With a presence in 27 countries, the name of which company means ‘three oceans?’
Answer: Sanyo

35) Which was the first private mutual fund company in India?
Answer: Kothari Pioneer(1993)

36) Samir Arora, who recently was banned by the Securities and Exchange Board of India, was a part of which mutual fund?
Answer: Alliance Capital

37) Which was the first public sector mutual fund to be set up after the Unit Trust of India?
Answer: SBI Mutual Fund

38) How many mutual funds are there in India today?
Answer: 31

39) HDFC Standard Life Mutual Fund recently bought out which of its competitors?
Answer: Zurich India Mutual Fund

40) Which is the official advertising agency of the Indian government?
Answer: Directorate of Audio Visual Publicity

41) Which ad agency manages the career of cricket star Yuvraj Singh?
Answer: Percept D’Mark

42) Which Indian biscuit brand is the single largest selling biscuit in the world in its segment?
Answer: Parle G

43) The late television star and actress, Priya Tendulkar, used to endorse which brand of biscuits?
Answer: Priya Gold

44) Which biscuit company was associated with the TV programme, Kaun Banega Crorepati?
Answer: Britannia Industries

45) Which was the first Indian bank to open an international branch and where?
Answer: Bank of India in London

46) Which bank was founded in 1906 at the temple town of Udupi and is today among one of India’s largest banks?
Answer: Corporation Bank

47) When were banks in India nationalised?
Answer: 1969

48) Rana Talwar, who is now the head of Sabre Capital, was formerly the CEO of which bank?
Answer: Standard Chartered Plc

49) Who is behind the current Wipro, Britannia, Marico and Lakme logos?
Answer: Shombit Sengupta

50) Who was the first Indian actress to model for Lux soap?
Answer: Leela Chitnis

51) What do you call a stock market trend that is neither bullish nor bearish?
Answer: Chicken market

52) What is picking stocks that have already sunk to the bottom but still have some bounce in them left called?
Answer: Cigar butt hunting

53) How many stock exchanges are there in India?
Answer: 23

54) What are illiquid stocks that do not follow SEBI rules called?
Answer: Z stocks

55) By what name is the building ‘Phiroze Jeejebhoy Towers’ better known as?
Answer: Bombay Stock Exchange

56) Which company’s ad line was ‘Geography is History’?
Answer: Iridium

57) What publication advertised itself with the lines “Software for the most advanced microprocessor on this planet”?
Answer: The Economic Times

58) “The Brighter Side of Life” is the ad line of which of these companies/groups?

Answer: AV Birla group

59) “Don’t blend in” is the ad line of which of these companies/products?
Answer: Lifestyle International60) “Life is One Incredible Journey” is the baseline of which magazine?
Answer: Outlook Traveller

Advertising slogans

slogans and taglines.


  1. Sharp Minds, Sharp Products Sharp

  2. Better Sound Through Research Bose Corporation

  3. Sony

  4. Life’s Good LG

  5. The Indian Multinational Videocon

  6. Inspired Living Haier

  7. The Perfect Experience JVC

  8. Digitally Yours Samsung

  9. Challenge everything EA Games

  10. Connecting people. Nokia, 1992 Ove Strandberg

  11. Do you have the bunny inside? Energizer Max, since 2000s

  12. EA Sports. It’s in the game EA Sports

  13. Get N or get out. Nintendo 64, late 1990s

  14. Hello Tosh, gotta Toshiba? Toshiba, 1984, Gold Greenlees Trott

  15. Choose Freedom Toshiba

  16. intelligence everywhere Motorola

  17. Is it live, or is it Memorex? Memorex video cassettes, 1970s or 1980s on

  18. He keeps going and going and going. Energizer Batteries, began 1980s or 1990s

  19. Let’s Make Things Better Philips

  20. Live in your world, play in ours. Sony Playstation and Playstation 2 gaming consoles

  21. Make yourself heard Ericsson

  22. Neighbor’s envy, owner’s pride Onida TV (India)

  23. No battery is stronger longer. Duracell Batteries, 1990s

  24. Trusted Everywhere Duracell Batteries, 2000

  25. Now You’re Playing With Power! Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, mid-1980s to mid-1990s

One that Last

  1. Duracell Batteries late-1980s

  2. Man, Knowledge, Freedom Caravan Books Publishing House

  3. See what the future has in store. Future Shop

  4. Sense and Simplicity Philips

  5. Thousands of possibilities. Get yours. Best Buy

  6. Touching is good Nintendo DS

  7. We bring good things to life. GE (General Electric till 2002)

  8. Imagination at Work. GE (General Electric current slogan)

  9. You can’t top the copper top Duracell Batteries, early to mid 1990s

  10. Play It Loud. Game Boy and Super Nintendo Entertainment System

  11. 1994 to 1997 Welcome to the Next Level.

  12. Sega Genesis, Game Gear, Sega CD and Sega 32X

  13. Hello Moto Motorola

  14. Global Network of innovations Siemens AG

  15. For a better world for you. T-Mobile

  16. Play B3yond. Playstation 3

  17. Wii would like to play. Nintendo Wii

  18. Play More Xbox 360

  19. Jump in Xbox 360

  20. Do me a favor, plug me into a Sega Sega

  21. Beyond High Definition Blu-ray Disc

  22. The Look and Sound of Perfect HD-DVD

  23. Believe in the best BPL India

  24. The Audience is listening THX


  1. A nerds dream FHM

  2. Empowering Financial Institutions Globally. iFLEX Solutions

  3. I heart nerds Geek squad

  4. Business Agility.On Demand. SYSTIME Computer Systems Ltd.

  5. Innovation.Insight.Integrity 3i Infotech

  6. Win in the flat world. Infosys

  7. Integrating Technology with Life Infinsys Technologies

  8. Welcome To The Human Network Cisco Systems

  9. The Way It’s Meant To Be Played NVIDIA

  10. Information Driven Oracle

  11. Powered by Intellect. Driven by Values Infosys

  12. On January 24th, Apple Computer will introduce Macintosh. And you’ll see why 1984 won’t be like 1984. Apple Computer

  13. Buy Opera today… And make this banner go away Opera

  14. Can you hear me now? …Good! Verizon Wireless

  15. Do you… Yahoo!? Yahoo!

  16. The traveler’s search engine SideStep

  17. Dude, you’re getting a Dell Dell Computer 1990s

  18. e-business solutions IBM, 2000s

  19. on demand IBM, 2005

  20. Easy as Dell Dell Computer

  21. Yours Is Here Dell Computer with the release of the new Inspiron line.

  22. Everything is Easier on a Mac Apple Computer, 2000s

  23. GEO, the Logical Choice Geologix

  24. GNU is Not Unix Free Software Foundation

  25. In a world full of Windows, we’re handing out rocks BeOS Radio

  26. Inspire me. Surprise me. AMD me. AMD (Advanced Micro Devices)

  27. Intel inside Intel

  28. Invent. Hewlett-Packard

  29. [It's] so easy to use, no wonder it’s number one AOL

  30. It’s better with the butterfly Microsoft (for MSN 8 internet service provider)

  31. It’s the Internet that logs onto you SBC-Yahoo! DSL

  32. Multimedia You Can Use Apple Computer, 1990s

  33. Once you go Mac. You’ll never go back Apple Computer

  34. Power is Macintosh Apple Computer, 1990s

  35. Purely You. Dell Computer

  36. Rip. Mix. Burn Apple Computer

  37. So powerful, it’s kind of ridiculous 3dfx (for Voodoo 3 cards)

  38. 3dfx Pioneer

  39. The Network is the Computer. Sun Microsystems

  40. The power to be your best Apple Computer, 1990s

  41. Think IBM, 1914

  42. Think different Apple Computer, Chiat/Day, 1997–

  43. Think outside the box Apple Computer, 1990s

  44. Welcome to the World Wide Wow AOL (play on World Wide Web)

  45. Where do you want to go today? Microsoft, 1996

  46. Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia Wikipedia

  47. Your Potential. Our Passion. Microsoft. Microsoft

  48. Your Source of Digital Inspiration. Multimedia InfoCenter

  1. The Browser You Can Trust + Rediscover the Web + The browser, reloaded Firefox,Mozilla 2004-present

  2. The Difference is Dell Dell

  3. Who are you? Nintendo in general

  4. Experience certainty Tata Consultancy Services

  5. World-Wide Partnerships. World-Class Solutions. Patni Computer Systems

  6. Celebrating Work Cognizant Technology Solutions

  7. Applying Thought Wipro

  8. Simplicity At Work, Better Buy Adobe Adobe

  9. Consider IT Done Syntel

  10. Where Information Lives EMC

  11. Be Fearless Symantec

  12. We Are Building A New Technology Company Lenovo

  13. High Performance, Delivered Accenture

  14. Buy it. Sell it. Love it. eBay

  15. The World’s Online Market Place eBay

  16. Push Button Publishing

  17. What The Web Can Be Macromedia

  18. The Software That Powers E- Business Computer Associates

  19. Experience, Results CSC

  20. If you have a reason, we have the job Timesjobs

  21. Your Transformation Partner Zensar

  22. e-volving Solutions Cybage

  23. Performance Defined,Results Delivered Synygy

  24. Activate Business With The Power Of IT BMC Software

  25. Business Fluxibility T Systems

  26. Invent> Innovate> Infuse Mind OnDemand Inc

Mobile and telecommunications

  1. Pure Communication Alfa

  2. Make The Most Of Now/How Are You? Vodafone

  3. The Future’s Bright; The Future’s Orange Orange

  4. O², can do o2 plc

  5. See what you can do – O² o2 plc

  6. Just clother t-mobile

  7. An Idea can change your life Idea Cellular India

  8. Express Yourself AirTel Cellular Service India

  9. Wherever you go, our network follows Hutch Cellular India

  10. Stick together T-Mobile

  11. Raising the bar Cingular

  12. Can you hear me now? Good. Verizon

  13. Outthinking. Outdoing Convergys

  14. Connecting You.. No Matter where Platform Integration SA.

  15. Switch to tataindicom, experience the difference Tataindicom India

  16. Do more, live more Tataindicom India

  17. BSNL connecting India Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited

  18. Connecting people NOKIA

Stock exchanges

  1. The World Puts Its Stock In US NYSE

  2. Stock Market For The Digital World NASDAQ

  3. The Index Company FTSE

  4. Edge Is Efficiency BSE

  5. Because the world is always ON Alcatel-Lucent


  1. America’s Best Record Puritan Records

  2. Comparison With the Living Artist Reveals No Difference Edison Records

  3. Each Record a Masterpiece Van Dyke Records

  4. Echo Around the World Edison Records

  5. First with the Hits Mercury Records

  6. Hear What You Like, When You Like Rex Records

  7. If it ain’t Stiff it ain’t worth a fuck. Stiff Records

  8. If it’s a King, It’s a Hillbilly— If it’s a Hillbilly, it’s a King King Records

  9. Is it live, or is it Memorex? Memorex

  10. Never Scratches Lyric Records

  11. His Master’s Voice RCA Victor

Financial services and insurance

Financial services

  1. Another Way Natwest

  2. A Passion to Perform Deutsche Bank

  3. Advice you can bank on Dresdner Bank

  4. New answer in banking West LB

  5. Ideas ahead Commerzbank

  6. It’s all possible w:Jefferies

  7. The World’s Local Bank HSBC

  8. The Better We Know You, The More Can We Do ANZ New Zealand

  9. One Step Ahead ASB Bank

  10. First, For You Royal Bank of Canada

  11. You’re Richer Than You Think Scotiabank

  12. Banking Can Be This Comfortable TD Canada Trust

  13. Redefining The Community Bank For A New CenturySun National Bank

  14. There’s Opportunity Here BB&T Corporation

  15. Making More Possible ABN AMRO

  16. The CITI Never Sleeps Citibank

  17. You & Us UBS

  18. Bank of Opportunity Bank Of America

  19. Where Vision Gets Built Lehman Brothers

  20. Good People To Bank With Union Bank Of India

  21. Dare To Dream Bank Of Rajasthan – India

  22. India’s International Bank Bank Of Baroda – India

  23. Much more To Do, With YOU In Focus Andhra Bank – India

  24. Hum Hai Na.. ICICI Bank – India [It Means We Are There..]

  25. Your Choice Your Chase JP Morgan Chase

  26. Enjoy Better Banking With RBS RBS

  27. The Bank For A Changing World BNP Paribas

  28. Higher Standards Bank Of America

  29. Our Client’s Interest Always Comes First Goldman Sachs

  30. One Client At A Time Morgan Stanley

  31. Do More American Express

  32. The Difference Is Measurable Mellon Financial

  33. What’s In Your Wallet? Capital One

  34. Customer led, ethically guided Co-operative Bank

  35. Now there’s a thought Barclays

  36. No Family Left Behind World Financial Group

  37. Leading the Way in Asia, Africa and the Middle East Standard Chartered

  38. Be rewarded So rewarding John Lewis partnership card

  39. For the journey Lloyds TSB

  40. Now that’s a real plus! Alliance and Leicester

  41. More ideas for your money Abbey National


  1. I have good news…I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to GEICO. GEICO

  2. So easy a caveman can do it. GEICO

  3. Gets you back where you belong Farmers

  4. Sanity makes a comeback Farmers

  5. Have You Met Life Today Metlife

  6. The Power On Your Side Allianz

  7. Growing And Protecting Your Wealth Prudential

  8. We Know Money AIG

  9. Be Life Confident AXA

  10. Your Partner For Life MAX

  11. Trust Thy Name Is LIC LIC [Life Insurance Corporation Of India]

  12. Forward Thinking Aviva

  13. Are you in good hands? Allstate

  14. Like a good neighbor State Farm is there State Farm Insurance


  1. Working For A Healthier World

  2. Pfizer

  3. Dynalix

  4. Biocon

  5. Where Patients Come First

  6. Merck

  7. The Promise Of Life

  8. Abbot Laboratories

  9. Dedicated To Life

  10. Cadila Healthcare

  11. Touching Lives, Improving Life

  12. Procter & Gamble

  13. Do More, Feel Better, Live Longer

  14. GlaxoSmithKline

  15. Science For A Better Life

  16. Bayer

  17. In Business For Life

  18. Genentech

  19. Because Health Matters

  20. Sanofi Aventis

  21. Life Inspiring Ideas

  22. AstraZeneca

  23. Rip, slip, brush… Ahhh!

  24. Oral-B Brush-Ups


  1. A diamond is forever.

  2. De Beers Consolidated Mines, 1948–present (invented by Frances Gerety)

  3. All ages, all races, all sexes

  4. M•A•C

  5. Between love and madness lies Obsession.

  6. Calvin Klein, 1985

  7. Children’s shoes have far to go.

  8. Start-Rite Shoes, 1945, Stanley Studios

  9. Can’t stop walking

  10. Titas Footwear India

  11. Create a storm

  12. Monsoon

  13. Easy, Breezy, Beautiful, CoverGirl

  14. CoverGirl

  15. Every kiss begins with Kay

  16. Kay Jewelers

  17. For successful living

  18. Diesel

  19. Hello boys

  20. Playtex Wonderbra

  21. Impossible is nothing.

  22. Adidas

  23. It takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

  24. Timex Corporation, 1956

  25. Just do it

  26. Nike, Inc. (foot wear), 1988-on, Wieden & Kennedy

  27. Lifts and separates

  28. Playtex Cross-Your-Heart bra, 1960s.

  29. Makes fashion fashionable

  30. Beissel

  31. Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline

  32. Maybelline

  33. Rugs, It’s what we do. It’s all we do. And we do it better than anyone else.

  34. H.A.G Carpets

  35. Scent to bed

  36. French Connection United Kingdom

  37. I am what I am

  38. Reebok

  39. Because you’re worth it

  40. L’oreal Cosmetics

  41. Who wears short shorts? Nair for short shorts!

  42. Nair

  43. Fuel your instinct

  44. Salomon footwear

Food and drink


  1. Amul, The taste of India

  2. Amul, a dairy co-operative movement (India).

  3. Eat Fresh!

  4. Subway

  5. 57 Varieties

  6. H. J. Heinz Company

  7. Bagel bites

  8. When pizza’s on a bagel you can eat pizza anytime.

  9. Beanz Meanz Heinz

  10. Heinz Baked Beans

  11. Beef. It’s what’s for dinner.

  12. Cattlemen’s Beef Board

  13. Betcha can’t eat just one

  14. Lay’s potato chips

  15. Bring out the Hellmann’s, and bring out the best

  16. Best Foods and Hellmann’s Mayonnaise

  17. Bring out the Branston!

  18. (pickle)

  19. For mash get Smash

  20. Smash instant mashed potatoes, 1974, Boase Massimi Pollitt

  21. How do you handle a hungry man? The Manhandlers.

  22. Campbell’s Soup Manhandler product line

  23. I ate all the Frusen Glädjé!

  24. Frusen Glädjé

  25. Is it soup yet?

  26. Lipton Soup

  27. It’s the way it shatters that matters

  28. Violet Crumble

  29. If you got the munchies, nothing else will do!

  30. Hostess potato chips

  31. If you like a lot of chocolate on your biscuit join our Club

  32. Jacob’s Club

  33. It takes a tough man to make a tender chicken.

  34. Perdue, 1972, Scali, McCabe & Sloves

  35. King of good times.

  36. Kingfisher Beer, (India).

  37. Jazz it up!

  38. Zattaran’s rice products

  39. The man from Del Monte, he says yes

  40. canned fruits

  41. M’m! M’m! Good!

  42. Campbell’s Soup

  43. Nowt taken out

  44. Allinsons bread

  45. Once you pop the fun don’t stop.

  46. Pringles

  47. Only the best for the Captain’s table

  48. Birdseye

  49. Ore-Ida! It’s all-righta!

  50. Ore-Ida

  51. Pork, the other white meat.

  52. Shouldn’t your baby be a Gerber baby?

  53. Gerber Products Company

  54. The incredible, edible egg.

  55. The American Egg Board;

  56. There’s always room for J-E-L-L-O.

  57. Jell-O

  58. They’re waffly versatile

  59. Bird’s Eye Potato Waffles

  60. You’ll never put a better bit of butter on your knife

  61. Country Life butter

  62. We answer to a higher authority.

  63. Hebrew National hot dogs

  64. When it rains, it pours.

  65. Morton Salt (1911)

  66. You don’t have to be silly to drink TK, but it helps!

  67. TK minerals (Irish fizzy drinks)

  68. With a name like Smuckers….it has to be good

  69. Smuckers

  70. Delightfully Tacky, Yet Unrefined

  71. Hooters

  72. Leggo my Eggo!

  73. Eggo Waffles


  1. Got Milk?

  2. California Milk Processor Board (1993 – present) — ad agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners

  3. Milk. It does a body good. (pre ’95)

  4. It’s not just for breakfast anymore.

  5. Florida Orange Juice Growers Association

  6. Pure Life

  7. Nestle Aberfoyle Natural Spring Water, 2002 or 2003?

  8. They drink it in the Congo

  9. Um Bongo

  10. I’ve got a jones for a Jones!

  11. Jones Soda

  12. Unleash the power of the sun.

  13. Sunny Delight

  14. Watch out, there’s a Humphrey about!

  15. Unigate milk

Beer and liquor

  1. Aldo knows what women like. Asti Spumante

  2. A Double Diamond works wonders Double Diamond

  3. After Dark Tia Maria

  4. Australians wouldn’t give a Castlemaine XXXX for anything else

  5. Australian Beer

  6. Brilliant! Guinness

  7. Don’t be vague, ask for Haig – Haig Scotch Whisky

  8. The cream of Manchester Boddington’s

  9. For all you do, this Bud’s for you Budweiser

  10. For great lager, follow the bear Hoffmeister lager

  11. Foster’s. Australian for Beer Foster’s Australian Beer

  12. From the Land of Sky-Blue Waters Hamm’s Beer

  13. Guinness is good for you Guinness

  14. Hey Mabel Black Label

  15. I Am Canadian Molson Canadian beer

  16. It can only be Heineken Heineken

  17. It Starts Here Molson Canadian beer – 2005

  18. It’s Miller time! Miller High Life

  19. It’s Tankard that helps you excel – after one you’ll do anything well!

  20. Whitbread early 1970s

  21. Keep Walking Johnnie Walker

  22. Tastes Great. Less Filling

  23. Miller Lite, 1974, McCann-Erickson Worldwide

  24. The Beer that Made Milwaukee Famous

  25. Schlitz

  26. The Champagne of Beers

  27. Miller High Life

  28. The King of Good Times

  29. United Breweries

  30. There’s no taste like Stones

  31. Stones Bitter

  32. Made from beer

  33. Carlton Draught

  34. My goodness, my Guinness

  35. Guinness

  36. No Nonsense

  37. John Smith’s

  38. Old Milwaukee, tastes as great as its name

  39. Old Milwaukee, circa late 1970s

  40. Probably the best lager in the world

  41. Carlsberg

  42. Reassuringly expensive.

  43. Stella Artois, 1981, Lowe Howard-Spink

  44. Red Barrel men say the same again to a fistful of flavour – first class beer!

  45. Watneys keg bitter 1970s

  46. Refreshes the parts other beers cannot reach

  47. Heineken lager, 1974

  48. Schaefer’s is the one beer to have when you’re having more than one!

  49. Schaefer Beer, 1950s-1970s

  50. The right one

  51. Martini

  52. Tick follows tock follows tick follows tock

  53. Guinness (surfer advert)

  54. Tonight, let it be Löwenbräu.

  55. Löwenbräu, circa 1970s-1980s (United States advertising campaign by Miller Brewing Co.)


  57. Budweiser

  58. Watchin’ the game, havin’ a Bud.

  59. Budweiser

  60. We drink all we can. The rest we sell.

  61. Utica Club, 1965, Doyle Dane Bernbach

  62. Weekends are made for Michelob

  63. Michelob, circa 1980s

  64. Why ask why? Try Bud Dry

  65. Budweiser early 1990s

  66. What a refreshing change

  67. Woodpecker cider

  68. Your best bet for a fuller flavour

  69. Carling Black Label lager (1980s)

  70. What we want is Watney’s.

  71. Watney’s

  72. Red Stripe: It’s beer. HOORAY BEER!

  73. Red Stripe Jamaican lager

  74. Probably the best beer in the world!

  75. Carlsberg

  76. The Beck’s Experience

  77. Beck’s

  78. Good. Better. Paulaner.

  79. Paulaner

  80. Enjoyed by mates for 130 years

  81. Speights

  82. The taste that stood the test of time

  83. Castle Lager

  84. We Make Really Good Beer. Make Of It What You Want.

  85. New York Harbor Ale (Old World Brewing Company)

  86. Smooth Like No Other.

  87. Newcastle Brown Ale


  1. Celebrate the Moments of Your Life

  2. General Foods International Coffees

  3. Coffee at its best

  4. Nescafé Gold Blend

  5. Good to the last drop.

  6. Maxwell House coffee (1926 – present)

  7. Allegedly coined by Theodore Roosevelt in 1907; adopted as Maxwell House’s tagline in 1926

  8. Sanka…Everything You Love About Coffee

  9. Sanka

  10. The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup.

  11. Folgers Coffee (Procter & Gamble)

  12. Get back your ‘oo’ with Typhoo

  13. Like tea used to be

  14. Yorkshire Tea

  15. Time out for tiny little tea leaves in Tetley Tea

  16. Typhoo puts the T in Britain, the T that stands for taste

  17. It’s all about you

  18. Nescafé

  19. What else?

  20. Nespresso

  21. America Runs On Dunkin

  22. Dunkin’ Donuts

  23. Fill it to the rim…with Brim

  24. Brim

  25. Life is short… stay awake for it.

  26. Caribou Coffee

Carbonated soft drinks

  1. You don’t have to be silly to drink TK, but it helps red lemonade, Taylor Keith

  2. All the sugar, and twice the caffeine (of regular cola)

  3. Jolt Cola, 1980s

  4. Barq’s has bite

  5. Barq’s root beer

  6. Do the Dew

  7. Mountain Dew, 1990s, 2000s

  8. Drink Barq’s. It’s Good.

  9. Barq’s sarsaparilla drink

  10. Drink Canada Dry

  11. Canada Dry

  12. Taste the Thunder ThumsUp

  13. Every bubble’s passed its fizzical

  14. Corona, 1970s

  15. Get busy with the fizzy

  16. Soda Stream

  17. I’m a secret lemonade drinker

  18. R. White’s

  19. It’s a red thing

  20. Tizer

  21. It’s frothy man

  22. Cresta

  23. Love the Limon

  24. Harritos

  25. Made in Scotland from girders

  26. Irn Bru

  27. Make mine Moxie

  28. Obey your thirst

  29. Sprite

  30. Schhh! You know who?

  31. Schweppes, 1962

  32. Scotland’s other National Drink,

  33. Irn Bru

  34. The totally tropical taste

  35. Lilt

  36. The Uncola

  37. 7-Up, 1973, J Walter Thompson

  38. What’s the worst that can happen?

  39. Dr Pepper

  40. Who’s your soda?

  41. Red Fusion soft drink, Dr Pepper, 2002

  42. You know when you’ve been Tango’d

  43. Tango soft drink, 1994, HHCL

  44. It Gives You Wings

  45. Red Bull

  46. Make 7-Up Yours!

  47. 7-Up

  48. Be a pepper, Drink Dr Pepper

  49. Dr Pepper

  50. World Famous in New Zealand

  51. L&P, 1990s

Coca Cola

  1. 11:30, Diet Coke break…

  2. Always Coca Cola

  3. 1990s

  4. It’s the real thing

  5. 1971

  6. Just for the taste of it…Diet Coke

  7. Life is Good

  8. 2001

  9. The pause that refreshes

  10. 1929

  11. The real thing

  12. late-1980s

  13. Real-2003-2006

  14. Thanda matlab Coca Cola (in Hindi, an Indian language). It means “If its a cool drink, Its a Coca Cola”

  15. Its your Heimspiel

  16. coca cola (for the FIFA Soccer Worldcup 2006 in Germany)

  17. Have a Coke and a Smile -1979

  18. Coke is it! -1982

  19. Live on the coke side of life – 2006

  20. Enjoy

  21. The Un-Cola – 7UP

  22. Sabka Thanda Ek, Coca Cola ( in Hindi, an Indian language). It means everyone’s has the same cool drink,coca cola

Pepsi Cola

  1. Ask For More

  2. 2000, mainly in much of Europe.

  3. All the taste, 1/3 of the calories, Pepsi Max, 1993

  4. Lipsmackin’ thirstquenchin’ acetastin’ motivatin’ goodbuzzin’ cooltalkin’ highwalkin’ fastlivin’ evergivin’ coolfizzin’ Pepsi

  5. 1973, Boase Massimi Pollitt

  6. Pepsi

  7. for those who think young

  8. Same time tomorrow?

  9. Diet Pepsi, 1990s

  10. Uh-Huh! (You got the right one!)

  11. Diet Pepsi, 1991

  12. The Joy of Cola

  13. 1999

  14. Nothing official about it [during cricket world cup 1996]

  15. Yeh Dil Maange More (in Hindi, an Indian language). It means My Heart wants More

  16. Pepsi. The Choice of a New Generation[1984]

  17. Have a Pepsi Dayl [1977]

  18. Yehi hai Right choice baby…AHA… (in Hindi) this is only the right choice babay[first slogan of pepsi when launched in India]

Breakfast cereals

  1. Apples, hazlenuts, bananas, raisins, coconuts, sultanas

  2. Kellogg’s Fruit’n'Fiber

  3. The one and only.

  4. Cheerios (USA, 2000s)

  5. Breakfast of Champions

  6. Wheaties, 1935, Blackett-Sample-Gummert (later The Breakfast of Champions into the 1990s)

  7. Bet you can’t eat three

  8. Shredded Wheat

  9. Can’t Get Enough of That Golden Crisp

  10. Central heating for kids

  11. Ready Brek porridge

  12. Cocoa Wheat, Cocoa Wheat, can’t be beat!

    It’s the creamy hot cereal with the cocoa treat

    To be big and strong, have lots of fun

    Eat Cocoa Wheat everyone!

  13. Cocoa Wheat

  14. I’m Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs

  15. Everyone loves my Cocoa Krispies

  16. Kellogg’s

  17. Gotta have my pops!

  18. Corn Pops

  19. Have you had your Weetabix?

  20. I’d rather have a bowl of Coco Pops

  21. Just like a chocolate milkshake, only crunchy

  22. Coco Pops

  23. Kid tested. Mother approved.

  24. Kix

  25. Makes Red Blood!

  26. Grape-Nuts

  27. Mikey likes it

  28. Life cereal

  29. Nobody can say no to the honey nut Os in Honey Nut Cheerios

  30. Not too heavy, not too light, its just right!

  31. Kellogs Just Right

  32. Race for the taste, the honey sweet taste!, the honey-nutty taste of Honey Nut Cheerios

  33. Shot from Guns!

  34. Quaker Puffed Rice

  35. Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids

  36. Snap, Crackle, and Pop

  37. Kellogg’s Rice Krispies

  38. Tell them about the honey, mummy

  39. Sugar Puffs

  40. The One and Only Cereal that Comes in the Shape of Animals

  41. Crispy Critters

  42. They’re grrreat!

  43. Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes/Frosties

  44. They’re Magically Delicious [Lucky Charms]

  45. They’re tasty, tasty, very very tasty / They’re very tasty

  46. Kellogg’s Bran Flakes

  47. Kiwi kids, are weetbix kids

  48. [Weetbix]


  1. A glass and a half of milk in every pound

  2. Cadbury’s Dairy Milk

  3. Earth; What you’d eat if you lived on Mars

  4. Mars Bar

  5. A hazelnut in every bite

  6. Topic

  7. A Mars a day helps you work, rest and play

  8. in the United Kingdom and Canada

  1. A Milky Way Today. At work, rest and play! (Milky Way is also made by Mars)

  2. A minty bit stronger

  3. Trebor Mints

  4. A taste of paradise

  5. Bounty

  6. All because the lady loves Milk Tray

  7. Cadbury‘s Milk Tray chocolates, 1970s

  8. Break out of the ordinary

  9. Nestle‘s Butterfinger

  10. Do you eat the red ones last?

  11. Smarties, 1970s or 80s on until the early 90s, revived around 2002 or 2003

  12. Do you love anyone enough to give them your last Rolo

  13. Rolo confectionery

  14. The freshmaker!

  15. Mentos

  16. Full of Eastern Promise

  17. Fry’s Turkish Delight

  18. Give me a break! Give me a break! Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar!

  19. Hungry? Grab a Snickers

  20. The longer lasting snack

  21. Twix

  22. Made to make your mouth water

  23. Opal Fruits

  24. Ambassador, with these Ferrero Roché you’re really spoiling us

  25. Need a moment? Chew it over with Twix.

  26. Twix

  27. Nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger!

  28. Nestle‘s Butterfinger (featuring Bart Simpson and other characters from The Simpsons)

  29. Not going anywhere for a while? Grab a Snickers.

  30. One two many and you might turn Bertie

  31. Bassett’s Liquorice Allsorts

  32. Only Smarties have the answer

  33. See the face you love light up with Terry’s All Gold

  34. chocolates

  35. Snickers satisfies

  36. Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t.

  37. Peter Paul Almond Joy & Peter Paul Mounds, 1953, Dancer-Fitzgerald-Sample

  38. The lighter way to enjoy chocolate

  39. Maltesers

  40. The milk chocolate melts in your mouth, not in your hand.

  41. M&Ms (1954)

  42. The sweet you can eat between meals without losing your appetite

  43. Milky Way|

  44. There’s no wrong way to eat a Reese’s.

  45. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

  46. Too good to hurry mints

  47. Murry Mints

  48. Two For Me! None for you- Twix

  49. What would you do for a Klondike Bar?

  50. early 1990s, early 2000s

  51. Where’s the cream filling? Hostess cakes

  52. WotalotIgot!

  53. Smarties, 1961, JWT

  54. Skittles…taste the rainbow Skittles

  1. How will you eat yours?

  2. Cadbury’s Creme Egg

  3. When you’ve got a snack gap, Twix fits.

  4. makes a nice light snack Coffie Crisp

Fast food

  1. Wake up with the King.

  2. Burger King

  3. Have it your way.

  4. Burger King

  5. You’re the boss.

  6. Burger King

  7. Home of the Whopper

  8. Burger King

  9. If it doesn’t get all over the place, it doesn’t belong in your face

  10. Carl’s Jr.

  11. Jack’s back

  12. Jack in the Box fast food restaurant

  13. Nobody does chicken like KFC

  14. KFC, 2000-Present

  15. Finger lickin’ good!

  16. KFC, 1980′s

  17. Pizza! Pizza!

  18. Little Caesars restaurants

  19. The burgers are better at Hungry Jack’s

  20. Think outside the bun.

  21. Taco Bell, late-1990s, early 2000s

  22. Do what tastes right.

  23. Wendy’s Restaurants

  24. Where’s the beef?

  25. Wendy’s Restaurants, 1984-, Dancer-Fitzgerald-Sample

  26. Yo quiero Taco Bell

  27. mid-1990s

  28. You better run for the border.

  29. Taco Bell

  30. You’ve always got time for Tim Hortons

  31. mid-to-late-1990s-on

  32. In-N-Out, In-Out, That’s what a hamburgers all about. In-N-Out Burger

  33. Quality you can taste. In-N-Out Burger

  34. It’s jack-a-licious!

  35. Jack-in-the-Box fast-food chain (coined by RuPaul)

  36. Always Fresh, Tojours Frais

  37. Tim Hortons

  38. Can’t beat that taste.

  39. KFC


  1. Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun.

  2. Big Mac sandwich

  3. I’m lovin’ it

  4. in a 2003 international campaign

  5. It’s the things that make you go Mmmmm.

  6. Where would you be without,,McDonald’s?

  7. Did somebody say…McDonald’s?

  8. Smile.

  1. Put a smile on, put a smile on. Everybody come on, put a smile on

  2. (advertised to children)

  1. Put a smile on. Happy Meal, 2001-2002

  1. We love to see you smile

  2. You deserve a break today

  1. Have you had your break today?

  2. (nah, nah, nah)

  3. sung non-sense words, 2003

  4. I’m loving it – India, 2005

Pet food

  1. In tests, eight out of ten owners said their cats preferred it.

  2. Whiskas

  1. It’s Bacon!!! – - – -Dogs don’t know it’s not bacon

  2. Beggin’ Strips

  1. Top breeders recommend it.

  2. Pedigree Chum

Recreation, entertainment, and travel

  1. Are you training?…Or are you just working out?

  2. Steve Modzelewski, Personal Trainer NYC

  3. Live your myth in Greece

  4. Greek National Tourism Organisation, 2006

  1. … throw another shrimp on the barbie …

  2. Australian Tourist Commission, 1984 Often joke-quoted as Throw another Kanga on the barbie…

  3. Don’t just book it. Thomas Cook it.

  4. Thomas Cook, 1984, Wells, Rich, Greene

  5. Get away!

  6. Lunn Polly

  7. Get out there

  8. Royal Caribbean cruise lines

  9. The happiest place on Earth

  10. Disneyland

  11. I’m going to Walt Disney World!

  12. I love New York

  13. New York City, 1977–, Wells, Rich, Greene

  14. It’s so bracing

  15. Skegness

  16. Naruwan, Welcome to Taiwan

  1. Serving All our Community. Brampton’s Arts Group.

  2. Visual Arts Brampton, 2003, Alphie and Bette

  3. Touch Your Heart

  4. Taiwan

  5. God’s own country

  6. Kerala

  7. We love having you here

  8. Hampton Inn

  9. Where wonders never cease

  10. Alton Towers

  11. Your perfect trip

  12. Expedia

  13. Incredible India!

  14. India

  15. So where the bloody hell are you?

  16. Australian Tourist Commission, 2006

  1. New Advertising Campaign Working: Tourism Australia, Tourism Australia press release (via Yahoo! Finance), 2006-04-10

  2. Don’t leave home without it w:American Express American Express

  3. More than the usual

  4. WOW Philippines~ Department of Tourism, Philippines

  5. If it is from SEIKO, It must be Good – Seiko Films, Philippines

  6. Malaysia, Truly Asia, Malaysia Tourism Board

  7. Enchanting Tamil Nadu

  8. Tamil Nadu, India

  9. Experience Yourself

  10. Tamil Nadu, India

  11. Vietnam. A Destination for the New Millennium

  12. Vietnam Tourism Promotion Campaign ¹

  13. Where Else But Queensland Beautiful one day, perfect the next

  14. Queensland, Australia²

  15. Pure. Natural. Unspoiled. Iceland. The Way Life Should Be.

  16. Iceland Tourist Board ³

  17. 100% pure New Zealand – New Zealand Tourism Promotion Campaign

  18. Spain is different – Slogan coined by Manuel Fraga (Minister for Tourism of Spain during Franco’s dictatorship).

  19. Great Deals,Always..! -( India

  20. We’ll leave the light on for you. -Motel 6

  21. A Kingdom of Unexpected Treasures

  22. Brunei Ministry of Tourism


  1. Anyhow… Have a Winfield

  2. Winfield Cigarettes

  3. Camels Soothe Your T-Zone

  4. Camel cigarettes

  5. Doctors Recommend Phillip Morris

  6. Phillip Morris tobacco products

  7. Happiness is a cigar called Hamlet

  8. Hamlet cigars

  9. I’d Walk a Mile for A Camel

  10. Camel cigarettes

  11. It’s that Condor moment

  12. Condor tobacco

  13. Just What the Doctor Ordered

  14. L&M Cigarettes

  15. More Doctors Smoke Camels than any other Cigarette

  16. Camel cigarettes

  17. Not a Cough in a Carload

  18. Old Gold Cigarettes

  19. Reach for a Lucky instead of a Sweet

  20. Lucky Strike Cigarettes

  21. Taste Me! Taste Me! Come on and Taste Me!

  22. Doral Cigarettes

  23. You’re never alone with a Strand

  24. Strand Cigarettes

  25. You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby

  26. Virginia Slims Cigarettes

  27. Winston tastes good like a cigarette should

  28. R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company

  29. Liberté toujours

  30. Gauloise

Giving up

  1. It needn’t be hell, with Nicotinel

  2. Tobacco is wacko if you’re a teen

  3. Nicorette, nicorette, you can beat the cigarette! – Nicorette Australia


  1. A better bus service all round

  2. Carousel Buses

  3. Getting There Is Half The Fun

  4. Cunard Line

  5. The Fun Ships

  6. w:Carnival Cruise Lines

  7. InterCity makes the going easy.

  8. British Rail

  9. Leave the driving to us

  10. Greyhound Lines

  11. We keep your promises

  12. DHL

  13. See what brown can do for you

  14. UPS

  15. We’re getting there

  16. much ridiculed British Rail slogan

  17. We’re number two. We try harder.

  18. Avis Rent-a-Car

  19. When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight

  20. FedEx

  21. The business to business class.

  22. Lufthansa Cargo

  23. The best way to get around New Zealand.

  24. InterCity Coachlines

  25. Take It Everywhere

  26. Chicago Transit Authority(CTA)


  1. The Way the earth connects

  2. Star Alliance

  3. Now you’re really flying

  4. Cathay Pacific Airways

  5. A whole different animal

  6. Frontier Airlines

  7. Because you were born to fly

  8. TAM Brazilian Airlines

  9. Catch Our Smile

  10. PSA

  11. Enjoy our company

  12. Sabena

  13. Fly the friendly skies

  14. United Airlines, 1966–1997, Leo Burnett

  15. It’s time to fly

  16. United Airlines

  17. We never forget you have a choice

  18. British Caledonian

  19. Singapore Girl, you’re a great way to fly

  20. Singapore Airlines

  21. Where the World Unwinds


  23. THAI – Smooth As Silk

  24. Thai Airways International

  25. Going beyond expectations

  26. Malaysia Airlines

  27. Now everyone can fly

  28. Air Asia

  29. To the heart of Seoul and beyond

  30. Asiana Airlines

  31. Something special in the air

  32. American Airlines

  33. We know why you fly. We’re American Airlines.

  34. American Airlines

  35. The top banana in the West

  36. Hughes Air West

  37. The Wings of Man

  38. Eastern Airlines

  39. The world’s favourite airline

  40. British Airways

  41. There’s no better way to fly Lufthansa

  42. We love to fly and it shows

  43. Delta Air Lines

  44. We really move our tail for you

  45. Continental Airlines

  46. Western Airlines

  47. The only way to fly

  48. Western Airlines

  49. When you got it, flaunt it.

  50. Braniff Airlines

  51. World class, worldwide

  52. Air Canada

  53. You and I were meant to fly

  54. Air Canada, 2004

  55. [Ding] You are now free to move about the country

  56. Southwest Airlines

  57. Fly the Good Times

  58. Kingfisher Airlines

  59. A symbol of freedom

  60. Southwest Airlines

  61. Simplifly

  62. Air Deccan, Indian low cost Airline, 2005.

  63. The Spirit of Australia – QANTAS, ([1])

  64. Shining Through – Philippine Airlines

  65. PAL,([2])

  66. The New Filipino Time – Cebu Pacific

  67. Cebu Pacific,([3])

  68. The Joy Of Flying ! – Jet Airways

  69. Making the sky the best place on earth – Air France

  70. Being there is everything.

  71. Air New Zealand

  72. Your Island in the Sky.

  73. Air Pacific

  74. Fly high, pay low.

  75. Germanwings

  76. Where the journey begins.

  77. Air Tahiti Nui

  78. Fly Euro Shuttle!

  79. Air Berlin

  80. Don’t just book it, Thomas Cook it – Thomas Cook

  81. Come fly with us – Pakistan International Airline

  82. your place in the sky -AIR INDIA


  1. The Power of Dreams

  2. Honda

  3. AAMCO. Double A, <honk! honk!>, M-C-O

  4. AAMCO Transmissions

  5. chevy drives the motor city

  6. Chevrolet, Campbell-Ewald

  7. Ask the Man who Owns One

  8. Packard, 1925, Austin Bement

  9. Bigger in Texas, Better in a Dodge

  10. Bloody Volvo driver

  11. Volvo, 2003

  12. Born from Jets

  13. Saab

  14. Born to lead

  15. Yamaha

  16. Créateur d’Automobiles

  17. Renault

  18. The car in front is a Toyota

  19. The Best Built Cars in the World

  20. Toyota

  21. The Drive of your life.

  22. Peugeot

  23. Drivers wanted.

  24. Volkswagen, 1995, Arnold Communications

  25. Fahrvergnügen

  26. Volkswagen, early 1990s

  27. Escape from the ordinary.

  28. Oldsmobile, 1970

  29. Everything we do is driven by you

  30. Ford

  31. Eye it, try it, buy it Chevrolet, 1940s

  32. Ford is the Best in Texas

  33. Grab life by the horns

  34. Dodge

  35. Have you driven a Ford lately?

  36. Ford

  1. If only everything in life was as reliable as a Volkswagen

  2. It’s a Skoda. Honest.

  3. Skoda, 2000, Fallon

  4. Obsessed with perfection since 1897

  5. Skoda

  6. Aus Liebe zum Automobil

  7. Volkswagen

  8. Like a rock

  9. Chevrolet Trucks

  10. When Good is not enough

  11. Chevrolet] Aveo

  12. The lion leaps from strength to strength

  13. Peugeot, 1980s

  14. Move your mind

  15. Saab

  16. Moving you forward.

  17. Toyota

  18. Oh what a feeling

  19. Toyota

  20. Once driven, forever smitten

  21. Vauxhall Motors, 1980s

  22. Papa? Nicole?

  23. Renault Clio

  24. Pay me now or pay me (i.e. the auto mechanic) later. – Fram filters.

  25. Passion For The Road

  26. Mazda, 1990s

  27. The Power Of Dreams

  28. Honda, 2001

  29. Put the fun back into driving.

  30. Vauxhall Motors

  31. Quality is job one

  32. Ford

  33. The Real Thing

  34. Ford Australia, 1970s

  35. Right service. Right price.

  36. Meineke

  37. See the USA, in your Chevrolet

  38. Chevrolet

  39. Sheer driving pleasure

  40. BMW

  41. Sooner or later, you’ll own Generals

  42. General Tires Corp.

  43. State of Independence

  44. Saab 2000s

  45. Think Small

  46. Volkswagen, 1962, Doyle Dane Bernbach

  47. Time to Re-Tire

  48. Fisk tires

  49. The ultimate driving machine

  50. BMW

  51. Va-va-voom

  52. Renault

  53. Vorsprung durch Technik

  54. Audi

  55. Never Follow

  56. Audi

  57. We are professional grade

  58. GMC Truck

  59. You can with a Nissan

  60. Zoom Zoom [Zoom]

  61. Mazda, 2000s

  62. You’re the fuel

  63. Maruti Swift, India 2005

  64. Welcome to the big world

  65. Maruti Esteem, India 2005

  66. Let’s go

  67. Maruti Alto, India 2005

  68. The Josh Machine

  69. Ford Ikon, India

  70. Reclaim your life..

  71. Tata Safari Dicor

  72. Born To Perform

  73. Jaguar

  74. The Pursuit Of Perfection — ad agency: Team One

  75. Lexus

  76. Driven By Passion

  77. Fiat

  78. Even More Car Per Car

  79. Tata Motors

  80. The Beauty of All Wheel Drive

  81. Subaru


  1. On the wings of Goodyear.

  2. Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co.

  3. When it pours, it reigns.

  4. Michelin

  5. Passion For Excellence

  6. Bridgestone

  7. A Better Way forward

  8. Michelin

  9. Accelerate Your Soul

  10. Dunlop

  11. Tires With Muscle

  12. MRF

  13. Born Tough

  14. Ceat

  15. Power is nothing without control

  16. Pirelli

  17. Sooner or later you’ll own General

  18. General


  1. If Machines Could Speak We Wouldnt Need To Advertise.

  2. KenLubes Pakistan

  3. A Leading of Oil and Gas Multinational of Choice

  4. Petronas

  5. 10 Years in F1

  6. Petronas

  7. Beyond Petroleum

  8. BP

  9. Go well. Go Shell

  10. Shell Oil

  11. Put a tiger in your tank

  12. Esso/Exxon

  13. Pump your money back into Canada

  14. Petro Canada, early 1980s

  15. The spirit of ’76

  16. Unocal

  17. You can be sure of Shell

  18. Shell Oil, 1982

  19. You can trust your car to the man who wears the star

  20. Texaco Service Stations

  21. Go further with Shell

  22. Shell Oil

  23. Growth Is Life

  24. Reliance [Indian Petrochemical Major]

  25. Human Energy

  26. Chevron

  27. A Positive A++itude

  28. Essar

  29. Gas And Beyond

  30. GAIL [Gas Authority of India Limited]

  31. Making Tomorrow Better

  32. ONGC [Oil & Natural Gas Commission, India]

  33. Bring Energy To Life

  34. IOC [Indian Oil Corp]

  35. Energising Lives

  36. BPCL [Bharat Petroleum, India]


  1. Every little helps ~Tesco

  2. Fresh to you family from Jewel (Jewel-Osco)

  3. More reasons to shop at Morrisons

  4. WM Morrison’s

  5. The slogan is intended to be read in a Northern English accent, which makes More reasons sound similar to Morrisons

  6. Never knowingly undersold

  7. John Lewis

  8. Quality food, honestly priced.

  9. Waitrose

  10. That’s ASDA price

  11. ASDA

  12. It’s All Inside.

  13. J. C. Penny

  14. Try something new today

  15. Sainsbury’s

  16. You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

  17. Radio Shack

  18. Better ideas better life

  19. Amway

  20. It’s not just oil. It’s liquid engineering

  21. [Castrol oil, 2006 (India)]

Manufacturing and engineering

  1. Shaping The Future Of Steel

  2. Mittal Steel

  3. Steel Solutions For A Better World

  4. Arcelor

  5. Forever New Frontiers

  6. Boeing

  7. The Miracles Of Science

  8. Dupont

  9. Theres A Bit Of SAIL In Everybody

  10. SAIL [Steel Authority Of India Ltd]

  11. Powering A Greener Tomorrow

  12. Suzlon

  13. Exceed Your Vision

  14. Epson

  15. Everyday Solutions

  16. C&G

  17. We Never Forget Who We’re Working For

  18. Lockheed Martin

  19. We Make Things That Makes India Proud

  20. Larsen & Tubro

  21. Setting The Standards

  22. Airbus

  23. Nothing Runs Like A Deere

  24. Deere&Company

  25. Solutions for a nanoscale world

  26. Veeco Instruments Inc

  27. Powering Change

  28. Pratt & Whitney (A United Technologies Company)

Government, military

  1. The few, the proud, the Marines

  2. United States Marine Corps

  3. Army Strong

  4. United States Army, 2006

  5. An army of one

  6. United States Army, 2001-2006

  7. Be all you can be

  8. US Army, 1981-2001, N. W. Ayer

  9. Be the best

  10. British Army

  11. Forward as one

  12. British Territorial Army

  13. 99.9% need not apply Royal Marines commandos

  14. I want YOU for the US Army

  15. World War I and World War II

  16. Loose Lips Sink Ships

  17. World War II

  18. Only you can prevent forest fires

  19. United States Forest Service

  20. The Army National Guard, You Can

  21. US Army National Guard, in use around 2001-2003 if not more years than that

  22. The toughest job you’ll ever love

  23. Peace Corps

  24. There’s no life like it

  25. Canadian Armed Forces

  26. The Army. The Edge

  27. Australian Army

  28. We Fly High – Republic of Singapore Air Force

  29. Accelerate Your Life. – US Navy

  30. Do you have it in you. – Indian Army

  31. Britons (a picture of Lord Kitchener) ‘wants YOU’ join your country’s army! GOD SAVE THE KING- British army released in late 1914 (first year of world war 1)

  32. Full speed ahead.

  33. US Navy

  34. Army Strong.

  35. US Army

  36. Aim high.

  37. US Air Force

  38. Cross into the blue.

  39. US Air Force

  40. Strength for now, strength for later. – United States Army (GOARMY.COM)

  41. The only easy day was yesterday. – United States Navy Seals

Social, public service

  1. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

  2. United Negro College Fund

  3. Unstoppable

  4. w:Mike’s Marbles

  5. Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk

  6. United States Department of Transportation

  7. Give a hoot, don’t pollute

  8. United States Forest Service

  9. Heart to God, hand to man

  10. The Salvation Army 1865 to present.

  11. Klunk! Klick! Every trip

  12. UK Public Information Film for seat belts

  13. It doesn’t take a minute to bag it and bin it Uk public advertisement for not littering from cars

  14. Parents who use drugs have kids who use drugs

  15. The Partnership for a Drug-Free America

  16. Take a bite out of crime!

  17. National Crime Prevention Council

  18. Think once, think twice, think bike

  19. UK Public Information Film

  20. This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs. Any questions?

  21. The Partnership for a Drug-Free America

  22. You could learn a lot from a dummy. Buckle Up.

  23. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

  24. Getting Things Done.

  25. AmeriCorps national service program

  26. The toughest job you’ll ever love.

  27. United States Peace Corps

  28. If you drink then drive, you’re a bloody idiot

  29. Australian road safety campaign [4]

  30. WITH YOU FOR YOU ALWAYS – Delhi Police

  31. Don’t be a tosser – New South Wales anti-litter campaign)

  32. Don’t mess with Texas – Texas Anti-Litter campaign

  33. Vote for Me – Bantay Bata 163 Election Campaign for Children’s Future (ABS-CBN, Philippines)

  34. If you’re going to drive drunk, maybe you should say goodbye. 2006 Spanish Campaign (Spanish Traffic General Office).

  1. Hi mum, I’m about to drive back home and, if something happens, I want you to know that… I love you and that you’ve been a wonderful mother, say dad I’m sorry.

  1. Darling, I’m going there just in a minute. I love you… and, please, tell our children I’ll miss them.

General Knowledge Quiz Questions & Answers – General Knowledge


General Knowledge Question



The first Prime minister of Bangladesh was

Mujibur Rehman


The longest river in the world is the



The longest highway in the world is the



The longest highway in the world has a length of

About 8000 km


The highest mountain in the world is the



The country that accounts for nearly one third of the total teak production of the world is



The biggest desert in the world is the

Sahara desert


The largest coffee growing country in the world is



The country also known as “country of copper” is



The name given to the border which separates Pakistan and Afghanistan is

Durand line


The river Volga flows out into the

Caspian sea


The coldest place on the earth is

Verkoyansk in Siberia


The country which ranks second in terms of land area is



The largest Island in the Mediterranean sea is



The river Jordan flows out into the

Dead sea


The biggest delta in the world is the

Ganges Delta


The capital city that stands on the river Danube is



The Japanese call their country as



The length of the English channel is

564 kilometres


The world’s oldest known city is



The city which is also known as the City of Canals is



The country in which river Wangchu flows is



The biggest island of the world is



The city which is the biggest centre for manufacture of automobiles in the world is

Detroit, USA


The country which is the largest producer of manganese in the world is

China & South Africa


The country which is the largest producer of rubber in the world is



The country which is the largest producer of tin in the world is



The river which carries maximum quantity of water into the sea is the

Amazon River


The city which was once called the `Forbidden City’ was



The country called the Land of Rising Sun is



Mount Everest was named after

Sir George Everest


The volcano Vesuvius is located in



The country known as the Sugar Bowl of the world is



The length of the Suez Canal is

162.5 kilometers


The lowest point on earth is

The coastal area of Dead sea


The Gurkhas are the original inhabitants of



The largest ocean of the world is the

Pacific ocean


The largest bell in the world is the

Tsar Kolkol at Kremlin, Moscow


The biggest stadium in the world is the

Strahov Stadium, Prague


The world’s largest diamond producing country is

South Africa


Australia was discovered by

James Cook


The first Governor General of Pakistan is

Mohammed Ali Jinnah


Dublin is situated at the mouth of river



The earlier name of New York city was

New Amsterdam


The Eiffel tower was built by

Alexander Eiffel


The Red Cross was founded by

Jean Henri Durant


The country which has the greatest population density is



The national flower of Britain is



Niagara Falls was discovered by

Louis Hennepin


The national flower of Italy is



The national flower of China is



The permanent secretariat of the SAARC is located at



The gateway to the Gulf of Iran is

Strait of Hormuz


The first Industrial Revolution took place in



World Environment Day is observed on

5th June


The first Republican President of America was

Abraham Lincoln


The country famous for Samba dance is



The name of Alexander’s horse was



Singapore was founded by

Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles


The famous British one-eyed Admiral was



The earlier name of Sri Lanka was



The UNO was formed in the year



UNO stands for

United Nations Organization


The independence day of South Korea is celebrated on

15th August


‘Last Judgement’ was the first painting of an Italian painter named



Paradise Regained was written by

John Milton


The first President of Egypt was

Mohammed Nequib


The first man to reach North Pole was

Rear Admiral Robert E. Peary


The most famous painting of Pablo Picasso was



The primary producer of newsprint in the world is



The first explorer to reach the South Pole was

Cap. Ronald Amundson


The person who is called the father of modern Italy is



World literacy day is celebrated on

8th September


The founder of modern Germany is



The country known as the land of the midnight sun is



The place known as the Roof of the world is



The founder of the Chinese Republic was

San Yat Sen


The first Pakistani to receive the Nobel Prize was

Abdul Salam


The first woman Prime Minister of Britain was

Margaret Thatcher


The first Secretary General of the UNO was

Trygve Lie


The sculptor of the statue of Liberty was

Frederick Auguste Bartholdi


The port of Baku is situated in



John F Kennedy was assassinated by

Lee Harvey Oswald


The largest river in France is



The Queen of England who married her brother-in-law was

Catherine of Aragon


The first black person to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize was

Ralph Johnson Bunche


The first British University to admit women for degree courses was

London University


The principal export of Jamaica is



New York is popularly known as the city of



Madagascar is popularly known as the Island of



The country known as the Land of White Elephant is



The country known as the Land of Morning Calm is



The country known as the Land of Thunderbolts is



The highest waterfalls in the world is the

Salto Angel Falls, Venezuela


The largest library in the world is the

United States Library of Congress, Washington DC


The author of Harry Potter Books is

JK Rowling


Nickname of New York city is

Big Apple


What do you call a group of sheep?

A Flock of Sheep


In which sport do players take long and short corners?



Who was the youngest President of the USA?

Theodore Roosevelt


How many legs do butterflies have?

6 Legs & 2 Pair of Wings


Who invented the Nintendo Wii?

Kashi Kabushiki


What year does the Nintendo Wii come out?

Late 2006


Who invented the Light Bulb?

Humphry Davy


Who invented the washing machine?

James King


Who invented the first electric washing machine?

Alva Fisher


Who invented the safety pin?

Walter Hunt


Who invented the Vacuum Cleaner?

Hubert Booth

1. On which day are hot cross buns traditionally eaten?

2. Which European countries flag is red and gold and incorporates an eagle in its crest.

3. Why don’t actors sing in the dressing room?

4. What was given on the seventh day of Christmas?

5. Who are the world’s greatest cheese eaters?

6. Who was Clyde Barrow’s partner in crime?

7. Where can the largest cannon in the world be seen?

8. Out of every 10 women in Scotland, how many were pregnant on their wedding day, according to a Royal Commission of 1868?

9. If you entered a Canadian pair’s race what sport would you be taking part in?

10. Which famous fighter plane did R.J. Mitchell design in 1936?

11. What is a female donkey called?

12. Which animal is the offspring of a male ass and a mare?

13. Where would you find a scut on a rabbit?

14. What animal’s skin gives us Morocco Leather?

15. What sort of creature is a Death Puffer?

16. The cheetah is the fastest thing on 4 legs. What is the fastest thing on 2 legs?

17. Which living flying bird has the largest wingspan?

18. The grey squirrel is not indigenous British mammal but was introduced in 1889 from which part of the world?

19. What was the name of the American project to put a man on the moon?

20. What type of trees grew in the Garden of Gethsemane-the scene of Christ’s agony and betrayal?

21. How many Bronte sisters were there?

22. What 5 things did old King Cole send for?

23. How many teaspoons make a tablespoon in the UK?

24. Which county cricket team plays its home matches at Lords?

25. Which is the largest Scandinavian Country?

26. Who did James Earl Ray shoot?

27. What was the name of the puppet that appeared with Phillip Schofield on children’s TV?

28. In the film Kid Galahad Elvis Presley played a sportsman, which sport?

29. Which enemy of Batman usually carries an umbrella?

30. In the nursery rhyme where did Mary’s lamb follow her to?

31. On which British river does Sheffield stand?

32. Which side moves first in a game of chess?

33. Which is the most southerly Football League club in England?

34. Who invented the Sandwich?

35. Which Neil Diamond song was a No. 1 for UB40?

36. Who put together the group called The Wombles?

37. What is the only British City named after a Saint?

38. What do the letters GI mean in US military terms?

39. Which song opens the music for Oklahoma?

40. Which fictional town is the setting of the film Brassed Off?

41. With which organisation would you associate Tom Champagne?

42. On what river is the Niagara Falls located?

43. The French call it La Manche, what do we call it?

44. Which fairy tale character could spin straw into gold?

45. What song did Audrey Hepburn sing, whilst sitting on a fire escape in the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s?

46. What was South Pacific’s magical island called?

47. Which smart suburb of Washington DC has given its name to an American comic actor?

48. What was the ancient Greek name for a racecourse?

49. With which scandal would you associate Deep Throat?

50. What does the Speaker do to a persistently disruptive MP?


// 1. Good Friday.

2. Spain.

3. It means that one of the cast will soon be out of work.

4. 7 swans a singing.

5. The French.

6. Bonnie Parker.

7. The Kremlin.

8. Nine.

9. Canoeing

10. The Spitfire.

11. A jenny.

12. A mule.

13. It’s a rabbits tail.

14. Goats skin.

15. Poisonous fish.

16. The ostrich.

17. The wandering albatross.

18. North America.

19. The Apollo project.

20. Olive trees.

21. 3

22. Pipe and bowl and fiddlers three.

23. 4

24. Middlesex.

25. Sweden.

26. Martin Luther King.

27. Gordon.

28. Boxing.

29. Penguins

30. Schools.

31. Don

32. White

33. Plymouth Argyle

34. The Earl of Sandwich

35. Red Red Wine

36. Mike Batt

37. St. Albans

38. Government Issue

39. Oh what a beautiful morning

40. Grimley

41. Readers digest (he is/was the prize draw manager)

42. Niagara

43. The English Channel

44. Rumplestiltskin

45. Moon River

46. Bali hai

47. Chevy Chase

48. Hippodrome

49. Watergate

50. Name him

Q1. Who recently got the new role of General Manager, Treasury and Investor Relations at Wipro Headquarters?

  • Martha Bejar

  • Rishad Premji

  • Azim Premji

Q2. Who has been appointed as CEO of HCL Corp?

  • Roshni Nadar

  • Shiv Nadar

  • Vineet Nayar

Q3. Which financial institution is planning to enter into Banking business?

  • LIC


  • Industrial Finance Corporation of India (IFCI)

Q4. Which company is purchasing 70% stake in MobileNXT?

  • Gitanjali Group

  • Murugappa Group

  • Aditya Birla Group

Q5. Which $ 3 billion group is planning to enter into infrastructure and realty business?

  • Aditya Birla Group

  • Gitanjali Group

  • Murugappa Group

Q6. Which two companies signed an agreement to develop, manufacture and supply generic biological drugs globally?

  • Biocon and Mylan

  • Lupin and Cipla

  • Sun Pharma & Glenmark Pharma

Q7. Who is set to become the next chairman of Lloyds Banking?

  • Sir Win Bischoff (Former Chairman of citigroup)

  • Vikram Pandit

  • Sir Brian Pitman

Q8. Which company will be acquired by Japanese financial services firm Nomura?

  • Nikkociti Trust and Banking Corp.

  • Bear Stearns

  • UBS

Q9. Which company is all set to raise $500 million (Rs.2400 crore) through Qualified Institutional Placement (QIP)?

  • Hindalco Industries (Aditya Birla Group)

  • Sterlite Industries

  • Sesagoa

Q10. Which Italian fashion brand will be launched by S Kumars group?

  • Gucci

  • Prada

  • Oviesse

Q11. Which company will be setup for mall development and retail properties by Mr. Kishore Biyani owner of Future Group?

  • Future Retail Systems

  • Kshitij Retail Systems

  • Pantaloon Retail systems

Q12. Which Indian telecom company has acquired 67% stake in Canadian firm Trackcom Systems International

  • Tata Tele Maharashtra

  • Idea Cellular

  • Kaveri Telecom

Q13. Who has been appointed as president of Global Sales and Operations at Wipro technologies?

  • Martha Bejar

  • Rishad Premji

  • Azim Premji

Q14. Who has been appointed as Chief Financial Officer of IT firm Mphasis

  • Ganesh Murthy

  • Phaneesh Murthy

  • Narayan Murthy

Q15. Which company has bought South Africa’s CNN Group

  • Aegis

  • BBC

  • IBN

Q16. What is the amount of money to be invested by Oil Companies this fiscal year?

  • 57475 crore

  • 56475 crore

  • 54775 crore

Q17. Which hotel group is planning to open a five star hotel in CapeTown, SouthAfrica?

  • Indian Hotels

  • Taj Palace Hotel

  • Hotel Leela Ventures

Q18. Who has been appointed as the Managing Director of VMware

  • T. Srinivasan

  • M. Srinivasan

  • K.Srinivasan

Q19. Which two companies are going to invest 160 million dollar (800 crore) for setting up a manufacturing unit for power equipment in Tamilnadu

  • Nissan & NTPC

  • Toshiba & JSW

  • Adani & Nissan

Q20. The CEO of World’s richest sports club Manchester United is eyeing Indian cities to setup Café Bars.

  • David Gill

  • David Bill

  • Boby Kurian

Q21. Who is the current Vice-President of Google for the Product Management division

  • Linus Upson

  • Sundar Pichai

  • Ram Shriram

Q22. Which famous Search Engine company is planning to release Operating system ?

  • Yahoo

  • Bing

  • Google

Q23. Who is the present Chairman & CEO of PepsiCo India?

  • Indira Nooyi

  • Ahmet C Bozer

  • Sanjeev Chadha

Q24. Which Bank will raise $100 million (around 490 crore) through QIP route?

  • HSBC Bank

  • IndusInd Bank

  • IDBI Bank

Q25. Which company has got nod from the European Commission to acquire Dutch company Noble European Holdings?

  • Tata Steel

  • Vedanta Resources

  • Arcelor Mittal

Q26. Which US based Investment management firm is all set to buy 26% stake in UTI Asset Management Company?

  • Franklin Templeton AMC

  • JP Morgan Chase AMC

  • T Rowe Price

Q27. Which famous automaker group has launched its first logistics service facilitynear Aurangabad, India?

  • Mercedes

  • Volkswagen

  • Nissan

Q28. Which Telecom major has rolled out its GSM services in Karnataka?

  • Idea Cellular

  • Aircel

  • Tata Tele Services (Tata Docomo)

Q29. Which pharmaceutical company has tied up with US vaccine firm Novavax?

  • Cipla

  • Rabaxy

  • Cadila Pharmaceuticals

Q30. Who has been recently appointed as CFO of Spicejet Airlines company

  • Seema Chandra

  • Siddhanth Sharma

  • Sanjay Aggarwal

Highest Paid Young CEOs of Tech Industry

Nabeel Gareeb, MEMC Electronic Materials

Nabeel GareebTopping the list of highest paid CEOs is 43-year-old Nabeel Gareeb of Pakistani origin, CEO of chipmaker MEMC Electronic Materials since April 2002 with a total compensation package of $79.6 million.

Gareeb joined MEMC as CEO in April 2002. Gareeb’s appointment came after Texas Pacific Group purchased the company from its German owners in 2001 and recapitalised the business.

Prior to joining MEMC, Gareeb was the Chief Operating Officer of International Rectifier Corporation, a leading supplier of power semiconductors, where he was responsible for worldwide operations, research and development and marketing.

He joined International Rectifier in 1992 as Vice President of Manufacturing and subsequently held other senior management positions. Gareeb immigrated to US from Pakistan more than 25 years ago. He holds an MSc in engineering management, and a Bachelors in electrical and electronic engineering.

Jen-Hsun Huang, Nvidia

Jen Hsun HuangSecond on the list is Nvidia Corporation co founder Jen-Hsun Huang. Huang founded graphic chip maker in April 1993 today commands a pay packet of $45.9 million. He has being President, Chief Executive Officer, and a member on Nvidia’s Board since its inception.

Under his leadership, Nvidia emerged as a leading name in programmable graphics processing technologies and one of the semiconductor industry’s largest fabless companies.

Huang also serves on the Rand Corporation’s Board of Trustees and is a member of the Committee of 100, an organisation that addresses issues concerning the Chinese-American community and US-China relations.

Prior to founding Nvidia, Huang held engineering, marketing and general management positions at LSI Logic, and was a microprocessor designer at Advanced Micro Devices. Huang holds a BSEE degree from Oregon State University and an MSEE degree from Stanford University.

// //

Jonathan Schwartz, Sun Microsystems

Jonathan SchwartzJonathan Schwartz, chief executive officer and president of Sun Microsystems is the third highest-paid young tech CEO with an annual package of $13.5 million. A member of Sun’s board of directors, Schwartz became company’s CEO in 2006, succeeding the Sun’s co-founder and current chairman of the board, Scott McNealy.

Schwartz was promoted to president and chief operating officer in 2004, and managed all operational functions at Sun from product development and marketing, to global sales and service.

A leader behind many of Sun’s open source and standard setting initiatives, Jonathan’s been an outspoken advocate for the network as a utility with more than just value for the computing industry but as a tool for driving economic, social and political progress.

Prior to his position as COO, Schwartz served as Sun’s executive vice president for software, its Chief Strategy Officer, and held a variety of leadership positions across product and corporate development.

He joined Sun in 1996 after the company acquired Lighthouse Design, where he was CEO and co-founder. Prior to that, Schwartz was with McKinsey & Co. Schwartz received degrees in economics and mathematics from Wesleyan University.

Shantanu Narayen, Adobe Systems

Shantanu NarayenForty four year old electronics engineer from Hyderabad, Shantanu Narayen, became Adobe’s CEO last year. His annual compensation is at $12 million. Narayen joined Adobe in January 1998 as Vice President and General Manager of Adobe’s engineering technology group. In January 1999, he was promoted to Senior Vice President, Worldwide Products and in March 2001 he was promoted to Executive Vice President, Worldwide Product Marketing and Development.

In January 2005, Narayen was promoted to President and Chief Operating Officer of Adobe. Prior to joining Adobe, Narayen co-founded Pictra Inc in 1996. Together with the ex-CEO Bruce Chizen, Narayen spearheaded the $3.4 billion acquisition of Macromedia Inc in 2005, expanding Adobe’s software platform and solutions and strengthening the company’s presence in key markets ranging from enterprise and vertical industries to mobile devices and multimedia publishing.

Narayen is a frequent speaker at industry and academic events. He serves on the Advisory Board of the Haas School of Business, University of California at Berkeley. Narayen holds a bachelor’s degree in electronics engineering from Osmania University in India, a master’s degree in computer science from Bowling Green State University, and a master’s degree in business administration from the Haas School of Business.

// //

Dara Khosrowshahi, Expedia

Dara KhosrowshahiAt number five is the CEO of Expedia; Dara Khosrowshahi with a total compensation package of is $4.9 million. Founded as a division of Microsoft in October 1996, Expedia was spun off in 1999. The company was later purchased by USA Networks in 2001.

The 39-year-old Khosrowshahi became CEO of Expedia when it spun off from IAC/InterActiveCorp (IAC) in August 2005. He joined IAC in 1998 as vice president of strategic planning. Prior to this he worked at Allen & Company LLC from 1991 to 1998, where he served as vice president from 1995 to 1998.

Dara Khosrowshahi received a BA in engineering from Brown University in 1991.

Francisco D’Souza, Cognizant

Francisco D SouzaAt number six is thiry-nine-year old Francisco D’Souza, president and chief executive officer of Cognizant. D’Souza who has been the company’s President and CEO since January 2007 has an annual compensation package of $3.7 million. Prior to this he was the Chief Operating Officer for Cognizant’s global delivery, marketing and sales, business development and client services operations. He has also led the company’s North American and European operations.

Earlier, Francisco held key positions at The Dun & Bradstreet Corporation in marketing, strategic planning and new business development in Germany, US and India. Born in Kenya, he has Bachelors degree from the University of East Asia. He has also done MBA from Carnegie-Mellon University.

Taglines and brands of major companies

  • By amolkulkarniABN AMRO Bank – Making More Possible
    Accenture – High Performance. Delivered
    Adidas – Forever sports
    Adobe – Simplicity at work. Better by adobe.
    AIG or American International Group Insurance Company – We know Money
    Air Canada – A breath of Fresh Air
    Allianz Group – The Power on your side
    AMAZON.COM – Earth’s Biggest BookStore
    ANDHRA BANK – “Much more to do, with YOU in focus.”
    Apple Macintosh – Think Different.
    ARCELOR – Steel solutions for a better world
    AT&T – The World’s Networking Company
    AVIVA LIFE INSURANCE – ” Kal par Control”
    Bank of America – Higher Standards
    Bank of Baroda – India’s International Bank
    BANK OF RAJASTHAN – Dare to Dream
    Barclays – Fluent in Finance; Its our business to know your business
    BIG BAZAAR – Is se sasta aur Achcha kahee nahee milenga
    BIOCON – The difference lies in our DNA
    Birla Mutual fund – The name inspire trust
    BLOGGER.COM – Push Button Publishing
    BLOOMINGDALES – Like no other store in the world
    BMW – The Ultimate Driving Machine
    BOEING – Forever new Frontiers
    Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) – The Edge is Efficiency
    BPCL – Pure for Sure
    Bridgestone – Passion for exellence
    British airways – The Way to Fly.
    British Petroleum – Beyond Petroleum
    BUSINESS INDIA – The Magazine of the Corporate World
    BUSINESS TODAY – For Managing Tomorrow
    BUSINESS WORLD – Play the Game
    CAST AWAY – “At the edge of the world, his journey begins ”
    Capgemeni – Consulting Technology Outsourcing
    CEAT – Born Tough
    CENTRAL – Shop. Eat. Celebrate
    CHEVROLET AVEO – When Good is not good enough.
    Chevron Corporation – Human Energy
    CHIP – Intelligent Computing
    CIPLA – Caring for life
    CITI – The citi never sleep
    CITIGROUP or CITIBANK – The Citi Never Sleeps
    CNBC or NBC – Profit from it or Must see TV
    COMPTRON and GREAVES – Everyday Solutions
    Computer Associates – The Software that empowers the E-Business
    CSC – Experence. Results.
    DAIMLER CHYSLER – A future of Automobile
    Dell – Easy as DELL.
    Deutsche Bank – A Passion to Perform
    DIGIT – Your Technology Navigator
    DLF – “Building INDIA”
    DR. REDDY’S LABORATORIES – ÿLife. Research. Hope
    DUNLOP – Accelerate your soul
    DUPONT – The Miracles of Science
    EBAY – The World’s Online Market Place
    EMC – Where information lives
    Ford ICON – “The Josh Machine”
    EPSON – Exceed Your Vision
    Ernst and Young – Quality in Everything we Do
    Essar corp – A positive a++itude
    Exxon Mobil – Taking on the World’s Toughest Energy Challenges
    FIAT – Driven by Passion. FIAT
    FORD – Built for the Road Ahead
    Essar – Gas and Beyond
    GM – Only GM.
    HAIER – Inspired Living
    HINDUSTAN TIMES – The Name India trusts for News
    HINDUSTAN PETROLEUM – Future full of energy
    HOME DEPOT – You can do it. We can Help.
    HONDA – The Power of Dreams
    HP Invent – Everything is Possible
    HSBC – The World’s Local Bank
    HYUNDAI – Drive Your Way
    IBM – ” I think, therefore IBM.”
    IBP – Pure bhi. Poora bhi
    ICICI Bank – Hum hain na!!!
    Infosys – ” Powered by Intellect, Driven by Values; Improve your odds with Infosys Predictability”
    Intel – Intel inside.
    IOCL – Bringing Energy to Life
    Jaguar – Born to perform
    Jet Airways – The Joy of Flying
    JVC – The Perfect Experience
    Kingfisher Airlines – Fly the good times
    KMART – The stuff of life.
    Kotak – Think Investments. Think Kotak.
    KROGER – Costs less to get more
    LARSEN and TOUBRO – We make things which make India proud
    LEE – The jeans that built America
    Lexus – The persuit of perfection
    Lehman Brothers – Where Vision Gets Built
    LENOVO – We are building a new technology company.
    LG – Life’s Good
    Lufthansa – There’s no better to fly
    Macromedia – What the web can be.
    Malaysian Airlines – Going Beyond Expectations
    MARUTI SX4 – “Men are Back”
    Master card – There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else there’sÿMASTERCARD.
    Max NewYork Life Insurance – Your Partner for life
    McDowells Signature – The New Sign of Success.
    MCX – Trade with trust
    METRO – The spirit of Commerce
    MERCK – Where patients come first
    Metropolitan Life Insurance Company or Metlife. – Have You Met Life Today
    Microsoft – Where Do You Want to Go Today ; Your Potential Our Passion
    Michelin – A better way forward
    MITTAL STEEL – Shaping the future of steel – Never Settle
    MRF – Tyres with Muscle
    NASDAQ – Stock market for the digital world
    NDTV Profit – News you can Use.
    NOKIA – “Connecting People”
    NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) – The world puts its stock in us
    ONGC – Making Tomorrow Brighter
    Orange – The future is bright. The future is orange
    Panasonic – “ideas for life”
    PFIZER – Life is our life’s work
    PHILLIPS – Sense and Simplicity
    Prudential Insurance Company – Growing and Protecting your wealth
    ARaymond – A Complete Man
    Reliance industries Limited – Growth is Life
    Rivolta – “Undress Code For Men”
    Sahara – Emotionally yours.
    SAMSUNG – Everyone’s Invited or Its hard to Imagine
    SAMSUNG Mobile – Next is What?
    SANSUI – Born in Japan Entertaining The World
    SBI DEBIT CARD – Welcome to a Cashless World.
    Servo – 100 % Performance. Everytime.
    Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) – Tomorrow Market’s Today.
    SKODA – Obsessed with Quality since 1897.
    SONY – Like. No. Other.
    Speed – High Performance Petrol
    Standard Chartered Bank – Your Right Partner
    Standard Insurance Company Limited. – Positively Different.
    Star Sports – We know your game
    Sun Microsystems – The Network is the Computer
    SUZLON ENERGY – Powering a Greener Tomorrow.
    SYMANTEC – Be Fearless.
    TATA MOTORS – Even More Car per Car
    TCS – Beyond the Obvious
    TESCO – Every Little Helps
    Thai Airways – “Smooth as Silk”
    THE DAILY TELEGRAPH – Read a Bestseller everyday
    THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW – Where will you be
    THE ECONOMIC TIMES – The Power of Knowledge
    The Indian EXPRESS – Journalism of Courage
    TIMESJOBS.COM – ” If you have a reason, we have the job ”
    TITANIC – Collide With Destiny.
    TOSHIBA – Choose Freedom
    TOYOTA – Touch The Perfection
    Toyota Innova – All you Desire.
    UBS – You and Us
    Union Bank of India – Good People to Bank with
    VIDEOCON – The Indian Multinational
    VIZAG STEEL – Pride of Steel
    VOLKSWAGEN – Drivers wanted
    WILLS CLASSIC – “Discover a Passion”
    Window XP – Do more with less
    WALMART – Always low prices. Always.
    Windows XP – Do More with Less
    WIPRO – Applying Thought
    ZEE NEWS – “Haqueqat Jaisi, Khabar Waisi”

    1. 3M Innovation

    2. 7-Up The uncola

    3. Acura The road will never be the same

    4. Adobe Better by Adobe

    5. Aflac Ask about it at work

    6. AIG We know money

    7. Ajax Stronger than dirt

    8. Alka-Seltzer I can’t believe I ate the whole thing

    9. Alka-Seltzer Mama mia, thatsa spicy meatball

    10. Allegra The relief goes on

    11. Allstate Are you in good hands?

    12. Allstate Insurance You’re in good hands with Allstate

    13. Alpo Dog Food Doesn’t your dog deserve Alpo?

    14. Ambien Works like a dream

    15. American Airlines Something special in the air

    16. American Dairy Association Behold the power of cheese

    17. American Express Don’t leave home without it

    18. American Express Do more

    19. American Express My life. My card

    20. American Express Don’t leave home without it

    21. Anacin For fast, fast, fast relief

    22. APC Legendary reliability

    23. Apple Think different

    24. Apple The power to be your best

    25. Apple Think outside the box

    26. AT&T Reach out and touch someone

    27. AT&T The world’s networking company

    28. Audi Never follow

    29. Avis We try harder

    30. Bank of America Higher standards

    31. Bank of America Bank of Opportunity

    32. Barack Obama Change we need

    33. Bartles & Jaymes Thank you for your support

    34. Bayer Aspirin Bayer works wonders

    35. Bic Flick my Bic

    36. Bissell We mean clean

    37. Bissell Life’s messy Clean it up!

    38. BMW Sheer driving pleasure

    39. BMW The ultimate driving machine

    40. BOSE Better sound through research

    41. Bounty The quicker picker-upper

    42. Braniff Airlines When you’ve got it, flaunt it

    43. Brim Decaffeinated Coffee Fill it to the rim with Brim

    44. Bristol-Myers Squibb Co Hope, triumph, and the miracle of medicine

    45. British Airways The way to fly

    46. British Airways The world’s favorite airline

    47. British Rail We’re getting there

    48. Budweiser Wassup?!

    49. Budweiser The king of beers

    50. Burger King It just tastes better

    51. Burger King Have it your way

    52. Cadillac Break through

    53. Calgon Toiletries Calgon, take me away

    54. California Almond Growers A can a week, that’s all we ask

    55. California Milk Processor Board Got milk?

    56. Calvin Klein Between love and madness lies obsession

    57. Calvin Klein Jeans Nothing comes between me and my Calvins

    58. Camel I’d walk a mile for a camel

    59. CameraWorld For negative people

    60. Capital One What’s in your wallet?

    61. Cascade For virtually spotless dishes

    62. Charmin Please don’t squeeze the Charmin

    63. Cheese Council Anyway you please it, cheese it

    64. Cheez-It Get your own box

    65. Chesterfield Cigarettes A silly millimeter longer

    66. ChevronTexaco Turning partnership into energy

    67. Chevy Trucks Like a rock

    68. Chevy’s Fresh Mex

    69. Chiffon Margarine It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature

    70. Chrysler Inspiration comes standard

    71. Cialis Will you be ready?

    72. Cisco Systems Empowering the Internet generation

    73. Citi Live richly

    74. Citi City never sleeps

    75. Citgo There at every turn

    76. Clairol If I’ve only one life, let me live it as a blonde

    77. Clairol Does she or doesn’t she?

    78. ClubMed The antidote for civilization

    79. CNET The source for computing and technology

    80. CNN The most trusted name in news

    81. Coca-Cola Coca-Cola refreshes you best

    82. Coca-Cola The pause that refreshes

    83. Coca-Cola Have a coke and smile

    84. Coors The silver bullet

    85. Cotton Incorporated Cotton The fabric of our lives

    86. Coty Perfume If you want to capture someone’s attention, whisper

    87. Covergirl makeup Easy, breezy, beautiful Covergirl

    88. Crest Healthy, beautiful smiles for life

    89. Crest Look, Ma, no cavities!

    90. Crisco Vegetable Shortening Cooks who know trust Crisco

    91. Dannon Yogurt Love it for life

    92. DeBeers A diamond is forever

    93. Dell Computer Easy as Dell

    94. Delta Airlines You’ll love the way we fly

    95. Delta Airlines We love to fly and it shows

    96. Denny’s We’re cooking now

    97. DePuy Orthopedics Restoring the joy of motion

    98. DHL We move the world

    99. DHL Yellow. The new Brown

    100. DHL Competition. Bad for them. Great for you

    101. Dial Soap Aren’t you glad you use Dial? Don’t you wish everybody did?

    102. Disneyland The happiest place on earth

    103. Dunkin Donuts Time to make the doughnuts

    104. DuPont The miracles of science

    105. DuPont Better living through chemistry

    106. Dupont Better things for better living, through chemistry

    107. eBay The power of all of us

    108. eBay The world’s online marketplace

    109. EF Hutton When EF Hutton talks, people listen

    110. El Pollo Loco When you’re crazy for chicken

    111. Electrolux Nothing sucks like an Electrolux

    112. Energizer Batteries It keeps going, and going, and going

    113. Epiphany See your way forward

    114. Ernst & Young Quality in everything we do

    115. Esso (Exxon) Put a tiger in your tank

    116. Expediacom Don’t just travel Travel right

    117. Fancy Feast Good taste is easy to recognize

    118. FannieMae Our business is the American dream

    119. FedEx Relax, it’s FedEx

    120. FedEx The world on time

    121. FedEx When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight

    122. Fedex Absolutely, positively overnight

    123. Fisher-Price Play. Laugh. Grow

    124. Florida Orange Juice Growers Association It’s not just for breakfast anymore

    125. Ford Bold Moves

    126. Ford Built for the road ahead

    127. Ford Drive one

    128. Ford Ford has a better idea

    129. Ford Quality is job one

    130. Foster’s Foster’s Australian for beer

    131. Fosters Fosters-Australian for beer

    132. Fox News Fair and balanced

    133. Friends of the Animals Extinct is forever

    134. FTD Say it with flowers

    135. General Electric We bring good things to life

    136. General Electric Imagination at work

    137. General Foods Celebrate the moments of your life

    138. Georgia Federal Two words to the wise

    139. Gerber Babies are our business

    140. Gerber Shouldn’t your baby be a Gerber baby?

    141. Geritol My wife, I think I’ll keep her

    142. Gillette Look sharp, feel sharp

    143. Gillette The best a man can get

    144. Gillette Dry idea Never let ‘em see you sweat

    145. GLAD Don’t get mad, Get GLAD

    146. Glaxo/Wellcome Disease has no greater enemy

    147. Goodyear The best tires in the world have Goodyear written all over them

    148. Grey Poupon Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon?

    149. Greyhound Leave the driving to us

    150. Guidant It’s a great time to be alive

    151. Haig Scotch Whiskey Don’t be vague, ask for Haig

    152. Hallmark When you care enough to send the very best

    153. Harley Davidson American by birth. Rebel by choice

    154. Hawaiian Punch Hey! How about a nice Hawaiian Punch?

    155. Hebrew National We answer to a higher authority

    156. Hertz Hertz puts you in the driver’s seat

    157. Hewlett Packard Invent

    158. HJ Heinz 57 varieties

    159. Holiday Inn Pleasing people the world over

    160. Honda The power of dreams

    161. Hooters Delightfully tacky, yet unrefined

    162. Hostess Cakes Where’s the cream filling?

    163. Huggies We’re behind you every step of the way

    164. IBM Solutions for a small planet

    165. Intel Intel Inside

    166. Irish Spring Soap Manly yes, but I like it, too

    167. Ivory Soap Pure clean, pure Ivory

    168. Ivory Soap 99.44% pure

    169. Jack in the Box Jack’s back!

    170. Jaguar Don’t dream it. Drive it

    171. Jaguar The art of performance

    172. Jell-O America’s most famous dessert

    173. John Deere Nothing runs like a Deere

    174. JPMorgan Chase Bank The right relationship is everything

    175. Juicy Juice 100 % juice for 100% kids

    176. Kaiser Permanente Thrive

    177. Karry-Lite Takes the ‘lug’ out of luggage

    178. Kay Jewelers Every kiss begins with Kay

    179. Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes They’re g-r-r-r-eat!

    180. Kellogg’s Smart Start Start aging smart

    181. Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Snap, Crackle, Pop

    182. Kentucky Fried Chicken Finger-lickin’ good!

    183. KFC Nobody does chicken like KFC

    184. Kix Cereal Kid tested Mother approved

    185. Kodak Share moments Share life

    186. KPMG It’s time for clarity

    187. L’Oréal Because I’m worth it

    188. Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority What happens here, stays here

    189. Lay’s Potato Chips Betcha can’t eat just one

    190. LendingTree When banks compete, you win

    191. Lexus The relentless pursuit of perfection

    192. Life Cereal Hey, Mikey he likes it!

    193. LifeCall I’ve fallen and I can’t get up

    194. Listerine Always a bridesmaid, but never a bride

    195. Lucent Technologies Creating value through true convergence

    196. Lucky Charms Magically delicious

    197. Lucky Strike Lucky Strike means fine tobacco

    198. M&Ms Melts in your mouth, not in your hands

    199. Marlboro Come to Marlboro Country

    200. MasterCard There are some things that money can’t buy. For everything else there’s MasterCard.

    201. Maxwell House Good to the last drop

    202. Maypo I want my Maypo

    203. Maytag Appliances Our repairmen are the loneliest guys in town

    204. Mazda Passion for the road

    205. McDonald’s Did somebody say McDonald’s?

    206. McDonald’s I’m lovin’ it

    207. McDonald’s We love to see you smile

    208. Memorex Is it live or is it Memorex?

    209. Meow Mix Tastes so good cats ask for it by name

    210. Merrill-Lynch Merrill-Lynch is bullish on America

    211. Metropolitan Home Mode for your abode

    212. MGM MGM means great movies

    213. Michelin Because so much is riding on your tires

    214. Michelob Ultra Lose the carbs. Not the taste

    215. Microsoft Your potential Our passion

    216. Microsoft Where do you want to go today?

    217. Milk Board It does a body good

    218. Miller Beer It’s Miller time!

    219. Miller High Life The champagne of bottled beer

    220. Miller Lite Everything you always wanted in a beer And less

    221. Miller Lite Tastes great, less filling

    222. Mitsubishi Motors Wake up and drive

    223. MorganStanley One client at a time

    224. Morton Salt When it rains, it pours

    225. Motrin Medicine with muscle

    226. Mountain Dew Do the Dew

    227. National Cattlemen’s Beef Beef It’s what’s for dinner

    228. National Crime Prevention Take a bite out of crime

    229. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration You could learn a lot from a dummy Buckle up!

    230. National Pork Board Pork. The other white meat

    231. NBC Must see TV

    232. Nestles Butterfinger Break out of the ordinary

    233. New York State Division of Tourism I love New York

    234. Nike Just do it

    235. Nikon At the heart of the image

    236. Nine Lives Cat Food Only fit for a king Nine Lives

    237. Nintendo Wii Wii would like to play

    238. Nissan Enjoy the ride

    239. Nissan Shift

    240. Nokia Connecting people

    241. Noxzema Take it all off

    242. NyQuil The nighttime sniffling sneezing coughing aching stuffy head fever so you can rest medicine

    243. Office Depot Taking care of business

    244. Old Spice The mark of a man

    245. Oldsmobile It’s not your father’s Oldsmobile anymore

    246. OneTouch Changes everything

    247. Oracle Software powers the Internet

    248. Ore-Ida Ore-Ida! It’s all-righta!

    249. Outback Steakhouse No rules Just right

    250. Pace Picante Sauce Grab the Southwest by the bottle

    251. Pacific Southwest Airlines Catch our smile

    252. Packard Ask the man who owns one

    253. Panasonic Slightly ahead of its time

    254. Parkay Margarine The flavor says butter

    255. Partnership for a Drug-Free America This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs

    256. Paul Masson We will sell no wine before its time

    257. Pepperidge Farm Pepperidge Farm remembers

    258. Pepsi Come alive! You’re in the Pepsi generation

    259. Pepsi The taste of a new generation

    260. Pepsi For those who think young

    261. Pepsi Pepsi-Cola hits the spot

    262. Pepsi The choice of a new generation

    263. Perdue Chicken It takes a tough man to make a tender chicken

    264. Petco Where the pets go

    265. Peugeot The best kept automotive secret in America

    266. Philip Morris Talk They’ll listen

    267. Planter’s Peanuts Famously fresh

    268. Playtex Cross-Your-Heart Bra Lifts and separates

    269. Polaroid The fun develops instantly

    270. Prudential Get a piece of the rock

    271. Quaker Oatmeal Something to smile about

    272. Quiznos M’m, m’m, m’m, m’m, m’mtoasty!

    273. Qwest Spirit of service

    274. Qwest Ride the light

    275. Radio Shack You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers

    276. RAID RAID kills bugs dead

    277. Redbull It gives you wings

    278. Remington I liked it so much I bought the company

    279. Ricoh How well do you share?

    280. Rolaids How do you spell relief? R-O-L-A-I-D-S

    281. Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Get out there

    282. Safeway Ingredients for life

    283. Salesforcecom Experience success

    284. Sanka Sanka-everything you love about coffee

    285. Saturn A different kind of car company

    286. Schlitz The beer that made Milwaukee famous

    287. Schlotzky’s Deli Funny name. Serious sandwich

    288. Schweppes Schhh! You know who?

    289. Seagate We turn on ideas

    290. Secret Deodorant Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman

    291. Shake and Bake It’s Shake and Bake, and I helped

    292. Sherwin Williams Cover the earth

    293. Skoal Always there in a pinch

    294. Smith Barney We make the money the old-fashioned way-we earn it

    295. Smucker’s With a name like Smucker’s, it has to be good

    296. Snapple Made from the best stuff on Earth

    297. Southwest Airlines You are now free to move about the country

    298. SPRINT PCS Now, that’s better

    299. Sprite Obey your thirst

    300. Staples That was easy

    301. Starkist Tuna Sorry, Charlie Starkist wants tuna that tastes good, not tuna with good taste

    302. Subway Eat fresh

    303. Subway Five dollar foot long

    304. Sun Microsystems The network is the computer

    305. Sunkist Better snacking

    306. SuperSoil If it’s not SuperSoil, it’s just plain old dirt

    307. Sweet ‘N Low There’s no equal

    308. T Rowe Price Invest with confidence

    309. Taco Bell Think outside the bun

    310. Taco Bell Head for the border

    311. Taco Bell You quiero Taco Bell

    312. Tareyton Cigarettes I’d rather fight than switch

    313. Target Expect more. Pay less

    314. TAZO TAZO. The reincarnation of tea

    315. Tempur-Pedic Welcome to bed

    316. The Economist Free enterprise with every issue

    317. The New York Times All the news that’s fit to print

    318. The Sharper Image For the person who has everything, we have everything else

    319. The Virginia Tourism Commission Virginia is for lovers

    320. Tide If it’s gotta be clean, it’s gotta be Tide

    321. Timex Takes a licking and keeps on ticking

    322. Toshiba Choose freedom

    323. Toyota Get the feeling

    324. Trix Cereal Silly rabbit, trix are for kids

    325. Tyco A vital part of your world

    326. Tylenol It’s hospital recommended

    327. Unisys Imagine it Done

    328. United Airlines Time to fly

    329. United Airlines Fly the friendly skies

    330. United Negro College Fund The mind is a terrible thing to waste

    331. Unocal The spirit of 76′

    332. UPS What can Brown do for you?

    333. US Army Some of our best men are women

    334. US Army There’s strong. And then, there’s Army strong.

    335. US Dept of Transportation Friends don’t let friends drive drunk

    336. US Forest Service Only you can prevent forest fires

    337. US Forest Service Give a hoot, don’t pollute

    338. US Marines The few, the proud, the Marines

    339. US Marines We’re looking for a few good men

    340. US Navy It’s not a job. It’s an adventure

    341. US Peace Corps The toughest job you’ll ever love

    342. US Postal Service We deliver for you

    343. V-8 I coulda had a V-8!

    344. Verizon Wireless We never stop working for you

    345. Verizon Wireless Can you hear me now? …Good

    346. Victor Talking Machine Co His master’s voice

    347. Virginia Slims Cigarettes You’ve come a long way, baby

    348. VISA It’s everywhere you want to be

    349. Visine Visine gets the red out

    350. Volkswagen Think small

    351. Volkswagen Drivers wanted

    352. Volvo For life

    353. Walmart Save money. Live better

    354. Wal-Mart Always low prices

    355. Wells Fargo The next stage

    356. Wendy’s Where’s the beef?

    357. Western Airlines Western Airlines the only way to fly

    358. Wheaties The breakfast of champions

    359. Wisk Laundry Detergent Ring around the collar

    360. World Wildlife Fund For a living planet

    361. Xerox We’re moving beyond documents

    362. Yahoo! Personals Believe

    363. Yellow Pages Let your fingers do the walking

    364. ZDNet Where technology means business

    365. Zenith The quality goes in before the name goes on

    101 Law Firm Taglines – 2009 Edition

    AmLaw 100 2009:

    1. Akin Gump :P ower of Collaboration

    2. Alston & Bird: Leadership. Creativity. Results.

    3. Baker Botts : Deeper Understanding. Better Solutions.

    4. Baker & Hostetler: Counsel to Market Leaders

    5. Bingham McCutchen: Legal Insight. Business Instinct.

    6. Bryan Cave: A Broader Perspective (SM)

    7. Crowell & Moring: Experience. Creativity. Results.

    8. Dickstein Shapiro: Experience Innovation

    9. DLA Piper: Everything Matters

    10. Faegre & Benson: More together.

    11. Greenberg Traurig: We’re Built for Change (SM)

    12. Haynes Boone: Setting Precedent (SM)

    13. Holland & Knight: Industry focused. Relationship driven.

    14. Howrey: The Advantage of Focus (SM)

    15. Jenner & Block: When it’s a Matter of Importance. (SM)

    16. Jones Day: One Firm Worldwide

    17. Kilpatrick Stockton: Traditions of Innovation

    18. Locke Lord: Practical wisdom, trusted advice (SM)

    19. McGuireWoods: Relationships that Drive Results

    20. Morgan, Lewis & Bockius: We’re In This Together. Your Team and Ours.

    21. O’Melveny & Myers: Connecting Communities, Clients, and People

    22. Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker: One Vision. One Firm.

    23. Perkins Coie: Legal Counsel to Great Companies (SM)

    24. Reed Smith: The Business of Relationships

    25. Shearman & Sterling: Aligned for Excellence

    26. Shepard Mullin: Our Mission is Your Success

    27. Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal: Partnering for Progress

    28. Steptoe & Johnson: When Experience Matters (SM)

    29. Womble Carlyle: Innovators at Law

    Other US law firms:

    1. Adams & Reese: Out in Front

    2. Andrews Kurth: Straight Talk is Good Business

    3. Arnall Golden Gregory: Not If, But How (SM)

    4. Barnes & Thornburg: Enduring Values

    5. Bernstein: A Business Approach to Legal Service (SM)

    6. Boyle Fredrickson: You’ve got ideas. We protect them.

    7. Burr & Forman: Results Matter

    8. Compatore Law: Legally Speaking

    9. Connolly Bove Lodge & Hutz: IP Smart. Business Savvy. Client Connected. (SM)

    10. Cozen O’Connor: The confidence to proceed.

    11. Davis Wright Tremaine: Defining Success Together

    12. Dickinson Wright: Great Lawyers. Great Law Firm.

    13. Ervin Cohen & Jessup: It’s Not a Common Practice. (SM)

    14. Foster Townsend Graham: Damn Fine Litigators.

    15. Fox Rothschild: Let Our Experience be Your Guide (SM)

    16. Fredrickson & Byron: Where Law and Business Meet

    17. Gardere: Legal Knowledge. Human Wisdom.

    18. Goulston & Storrs: thinkresults

    19. Greenebaum: Breakthrough Law (SM)

    20. Grodsky & Olecki: What makes us different makes us better.

    21. Halloran & Sage: Your solutions start here. (SM)

    22. Harris Beach: Lawyers you’ll swear by. Not at. (SM)

    23. Holland & Hart: The Law Out West

    24. Holme Roberts & Owen: Experience Listens. Be Heard. (SM)

    25. Jackson Lewis: All We Do is Work (SM)

    26. The Law Firm for Non-Profits: Helping Good People Do Good Things®

    27. Leonard Street & Deinard: Uncommon Wisdom. Common Sense. (SM)

    28. Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith: Client Focused. Results Driven. (SM)

    29. Miller & Chevalier: Discern the Difference (SM)

    30. Morse Barnes-Brown Pendleton: The Law Firm Built for Business (SM)

    31. Munsch Hardt: Right Firm. Right Now. (SM)

    32. Murthy: We Know Immigration Matters (SM)

    33. Phillips Nizer: Resourceful Representation (SM)

    34. Quarles & Brady: Common Ground. Uncommon Vision.(SM)

    35. RMKB: A Better Legal System (SM)

    36. Rose Law Firm: A Heritage of Results

    37. Sheehy Ware & Pappas: Experience you need. Results you want.

    38. Snell & Wilmer: Character Comes Through (SM)

    39. Strellis & Field: Experienced. Driven. Effective.

    40. Watt, Tieder, Hoffar & Fitzgerald: Building Solutions (SM)

    41. Wells Jaworski & Liebman: Effective. Efficient. Expeditious.

    UK law firms:

    1. Berrymans Lace Mawer: Clear Concise Advice

    2. Bond Pearce: Clients First

    3. Browne Jacobson: Law, less ordinary.

    4. Charles Russell: Understanding Relationships

    5. Clifford Chance : Committed to Helping Our Clients Succeed

    6. Holman Fenwick Willan: Lawyers for International Commerce

    7. Irwin Mitchell: Towards a Positive Future

    8. Lawrence Graham: Lawyers. Just Different.

    9. Linklaters: Globally Minded

    10. Mischon: Not just any law firm.

    Canadian law firms:

    1. Aikins, Macaulay & Thorvaldson: Legal Expertise with You in Mind

    2. BCF LLP : …Making it Possible

    3. Blake Cassels & Graydon: Business is our Signature

    4. Borden Ladner Gervais: It Begins with Service

    5. Brazeau Seller: Business people. Business law.

    6. Clark Wilson: BC’s Law Firm for Business

    7. Cox & Palmer: The Difference is a Great Relationship

    8. Crease Harman: We Mean Business.

    9. Fasken Martineau DuMoulin: Beyond Results (TM)

    10. Field Law: Our Practice is Your Solution

    11. Fillmore Riley: Practicing Excellence

    12. Fraser Milner Casgrain: Your Future is Our Business

    13. Gowling Lafleur Henderson: A Tradition of Excellence

    14. Lang Michener: High Performance (R)

    15. Langlois Kronstrom Desjardins: A large firm with a human touch

    16. Macleod Dixon: Local Expertise, International Depth

    17. McMillan: Take the Lead

    18. Robinson Sheppard Shapiro: Our Independence Makes the Difference

    19. Siskinds: Leaders in their Field

    20. Stewart McKelvey: When Results Count.

    21. Zvulony & Co: A Small Firm That Acts Big. (TM)

    Reader-contributed taglines:

Brand Ambassadors

1 Toyota Innova – Aamir Khan (Bollywood Actor)
2 Accenture – Tiger Woods (Golfer)
3 WHIRLPOOL Kajol and Ajay Devgan
4 RASNA Karisma Kapoor & Hrithik Roshan
5 EPSON Printers Sushmita Sen
6 NEWPORT Jeans Saif Ali Khan
7 MARCO-RICCI Shoes Sanjay Dutt
8 LEVIS Jeans Levis 501 range of jeans Bipasha Basu &. Shahrukh Khan
9 ACME Clothing PROVOGUE Fardeen Khan
10 RADO Lisa Ray
11 MOVADAO Twinkle khanna
12 LONGINES Aishwariya Rai
13 TAG HEUER Sharukh/Sushmita sen
14 Reebok Kaif
15 Castrol Ajay Jadeja and Rahul Dravid
16 Veedol Vinod Kambli
17 Dixcy and Amul MALLIKA SHERAWAT
18 BUICK CARS Tiger Woods, Preity Zinta
21 MIRZA Tanners Ltd Red Tape Shoes Salman Khan

25 CAMAY Soap Dia Mirza
26 Max New York Insurance Rahul Dravid
27 Liril Priety Zinta, Harishta Bhatt, Tara Sharma.
28 Air Deccan’s Common Man (R. K. Laxman’s cartoon)
29 CREAM BELL Icecream Saif Ali Khan
30 Ultra Heat Treatment (UHT) Milk, ‘tetra pak India’ company and Samsung Tabu
31 SKumars Tamarind (readymade wear) Hrithik Roshan.
32 Pizza hut Mallika Arora Khan
33 Godrej Consumer Products and Bausch & Lomb Mona singh (JASSI)
34 MALABAR GOLD (Kerala) Sania Mirza
35 TATA TEA. HP, Lotto, and Tata Indicom Sania Mirza
36 RELAXO Chappls Aftab Sivdasani
37 Yamaha John Abraham
38 Indigo Nation UPEN PATEL.
40 Speed/BPCL;AMBI PURE (Car Freshener) Narain Kartikeyan
41 AIS Glass Shoaib Akhtar
42 TVS Surya – Tamil Movie actor
43 Bank Of Rajasthan Hema Malini
44 Canara Bank Venkatesh Prasad
45 Bank Of Baroda Rahul Dravid
46 Dena Bank Juhi Chawla
47 ICICI Bank Amitabh Bachchan
48 UTI Bank Mona singh (JASSI)
49 Tata Tea Chakra Gold Tea Bhumika
50 Pizza Hut, Hero Honda Karizma NANDANA SEN

Toyota has roped in actor Aamir Khan as its Brand Ambassador for its utility vehicle Innova in India. So, I thought we could make a list of Brand Ambassadors across India and all over the world.

Toyota Innova – Aamir Khan (Bollywood Actor)
Accenture – Tiger Woods (Golfer)
Santro – Shahrukh Khan (Bollywood Actor)
Brittania – Rahul Dravid (Cricketer)

Lara Dutta is the brand ambassador of New Pantene shampoo

Sania Mirza is chosen as the brand ambassador for Hyundai Getz…

Kareena Kapoor has signed up with Garnier to endorse their hair color products…

Ford India on Wednesday signed up Bollywood star Abhishek Bachchan as the brand ambassador for its new mid-sized sedan ‘Fiesta.’

India’s new batting sensation, Mahendra Singh Dhoni has been signed as the Brand Ambassador of Exide. Dhoni, who has been signed on for a period of two years, will endorse the battery major’s range of automotive batteries. Cola major Pepsi and sports goods maker Reebok had signed up the wicketkeeper-batsman earlier this year.

List of Private Banks and Foreign Banks in India

// //

List of Private Banks

  1. Bharat Overseas Bank Ltd

  2. City Union Bank Ltd

  3. Development Credit Bank Ltd

  4. Lord Krishna Bank Ltd

  5. SBI Commercial & International Bank Ltd

  6. Tamilnad Mercantile Bank Ltd

  7. The Bank of Rajasthan Ltd

  8. The Catholic Syrian Bank Ltd

  9. The Dhanalakshmi Bank Ltd

  10. The Federal Bank Ltd

  11. The Ganesh Bank of Kurundwad Ltd

  12. The Jammu & Kashmir Bank Ltd

  13. The Karnataka Bank Ltd

  14. The Karur Vysya Bank Ltd

  15. The Lakshmi Vilas Bank Ltd

  16. The National Bank Ltd

  17. The Nedungadi Bank Ltd

  18. The Ratnakar Bank Ltd

  19. The Sangli Bank Ltd

  20. The South Indian Bank Ltd

  21. The United Western Bank Ltd

  22. ING Vysya Bank Ltd

  23. Bank of Punjab Ltd

  24. Centurion Bank Ltd

  25. Global Trust Bank

  26. HDFC Bank

  27. ICICI Bank

  28. IndusInd Bank Ltd

  29. Kotak Mahindra Bank

  30. IDBI Bank

  31. UTI Bank

  32. YES Bank Ltd

// //

List of Foreign Banks in India

  1. ABN-AMRO Bank N.V.

  2. Abu Dhabi Comm. Bank Ltd

  3. American Express Bank Ltd

  4. Arab Bangladesh Bank Ltd

  5. Bank International Indonesia

  6. Bank of Muscat S.A.O.G.

  7. Bank of America NA

  8. Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait B.S.C.

  9. Bank of Ceylon

  10. Barclays Bank PLC

  11. BNP Paribas

  12. Chinatrust Comm. Bank

  13. Chohung Bank

  14. Citibank N.A.

  15. Commerzbank AG

  16. Credit Agricole Indosuez

  17. Credit Lyonnais

  18. Deutsche Bank AG

  19. Development Bank of Singapore Ltd

  20. Dresdner Bank AG

  21. HSBC Ltd

  22. ING Bank N.V.

  23. JPMorgan Chase Bank (The Chase Manhattan Bank)

  24. K.B.C. Bank NA

  25. KrunThai Bank Public Co. Ltd.

  26. Mashreqbank psc

  27. Mizuho Corporate Bank Ltd (The Fuji Bank Ltd)

  28. Oman International Bank S.A.O.G.

  29. Oversea Chinese Banking Corporation Ltd

  30. Societe Generale

  31. Sonali Bank

  32. Standard Chartered Grindlays Bank Ltd

  33. State Bank of Mauritius Ltd

  34. Sumitomo Mitsui Banking

  35. Corporation (The Sumitomo Bank Ltd)

  36. The Bank of Nova Scotia

  37. The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi Ltd

  38. The Siam Commercial Bank

  39. The Toronto-Domonion Bank Ltd

  40. UFJ Bank Ltd (The Sanwa Bank Ltd)

10 Top Indian CEOs

Lakshmi N Mittal

Steel tycoon Lakshmi Niwas Mittal is the richest Indian in the world, with an estimated wealth of $25 billion. He resides in London, has his company registered in the Netherlands, but still holds an Indian passport. Although Mittal Steel was already the world’s biggest steel company, his king-sized ambitions were evident when he took over steel giant Arcelor to create a new steel behemoth — Arcelor-Mittal.

L N Mittal left India in the mid-1970s to start his career. He was sent to Indonesia by his father to shut down the family’s ailing steel plant and sell the land. Instead, young Mittal saw an opportunity and turned the plant around.

To prove that this was no fluke, Mittal acquired a 1.3 million tonne, Iscot Steel plant in Trinidad & Tobago, which was losing $100,000 a day. One year of Mittal-style management and it was making profits, the LN Mittal legend was born. That move helped him get into America.

The Mexican government seeing the success that Mittal made of Iscot, asked him to take over their ailing steel plants in 1992. But it was not all that smooth. In 1994 Mittal had differences with his brothers and father, and went on to form his own company. The following year Mittal entered the European market, acquiring the 5 million tonne Kazakh steel plant, Karmet. Meanwhile, Mittal had listed Ispat International on the New York and Amsterdam Stock Exchanges in 1997. Eight years later Mittal Steel became the world’s largest steel maker when he took over the US’s largest steel producer — the International Steel Group. He then consolidated all his steel holdings into Mittal Steel.

Ratan Tata

Ratan Naval Tata, a bachelor, is the chairman of the Tata Group, India’s most respected conglomerate. He was born into a Parsi family in Mumbai (then called Bombay) to Soonoo and Naval Hormusji Tata on December 28, 1937.

He did a short stint with Jones and Emmons in Los Angeles, California, before returning to India in 1962. He had earlier turned down an IBM job offer. He joined the family business in 1962 and worked with many of his group’s companies. He took over as group chairman from the legendary J R D Tata in 1991.

Since then, he has been instrumental in boosting the fortunes of the Tata Group, which has amongst the largest market capitalisations in the Indian stock markets.

Tata Motors developed the Tata Indica in 1998. This was the first ‘entirely Indian’ passenger car. Ratan Tata’s dream now is to manufacture a car costing just Rs 100,000. Ratan Tata holds a degree in Architecture and Structural Engineering from Cornell University. He has also done the Advanced Management Program from Harvard Business School in 1974-1975.

Ratan Tata was honoured with one of India’s highest civilian awards, the Padma Bhushan, on January 26, 2000.

Mukesh D Ambani

Mukesh Ambani, the chairman and managing director of India’s largest private sector enterprise — Reliance Industries Limited — was born on April 19, 1957.

His father, the legendary Dhirubhai Ambani, was then a small businessman who later on rose to become one of the legends of Indian industry.

Mukesh joined Reliance Industries in 1981 and was the brain behind Reliance’s backward integration from textiles into polyester fibres and into petrochemicals. During the process of backward integration, Mukesh Ambani led the creation of 51 new, world-class manufacturing facilities involving diverse technologies that raised Reliance’s manufacturing capacities manifold.

The world’s largest grassroots petroleum refinery at Jamnagar is his brainchild. He was also the in-charge of Dhirubhai’s dream project Reliance Infocomm. But after the split in the Reliance Empire, Reliance Infocomm went to his brother Anil.

Mukesh Ambani is now planning to enter retail sector in a big way and will launch a chain of ‘Reliance Fresh’ retail stores. He also entered into an agreement with the Haryana government to establish a Special Economic Zone with an investment running into billions of rupees.

He has a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from University of Bombay and a master’s in Business Administration from Stanford University, USA.

Nandan Nilekani

Nandan Nilekani is the CEO and managing director of Infosys Technologies. He, along with N R Narayana Murthy and five others, co-founded India’s IT jewel, Infosys. Born in Bangalore to Durga and Mohan Rao Nilekani, he graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.

After graduation, he met Narayana Murthy, who then led Patni Computer Systems’s software group, seeking a job. Murthy hired the young engineer. That was the beginning of a relationship that was to create Indian corporate history.

Three years later, seven enthusiasts (including Nandan) decided to start their own outfit (Infosys Technologies Ltd) with Murthy in the lead. Their decision rewrote the domestic software industry of India.

He became the chief executive officer of Infosys in March 2002. He now leads the company with Narayana Murthy having retired in August 2006. He is married to Rohini, an English-language novelist, and they have two children: daughter Janhavi and son Nihar. He speaks Konkani at home.

In 2006, he was awarded the Padma Bhushan by the Government of India. He is regarded by Time magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world in its issue of May 2006.

Azim H Premji

Azim Hashim Premji, the chairman of Wipro Technologies, is one of the richest Indians. He is an icon among Indian businessmen, especially in the software industry. Born on July 24, 1945, Premji was studying Electrical Engineering at Stanford University, USA when due to the sudden demise of his father; he was called upon to handle the family business at the age of 21.

Wipro was then Western Indian Vegetable Products, a small cooking oil company. Premji diversified into bakery fats, ethnic ingredient based toiletries, hair care soaps, baby toiletries, lighting products and hydraulic cylinders. And then shifted focus from soaps to software.

He transformed Wipro into one of India’s most successful IT companies. Under Azim Premji’s stewardship, Wipro has grown from a fledgling Rs 70 million oil company into an IT giant with a turnover of $2.4 billion and an employee strength of 57,000.

Azim Premji has regularly featured in the Forbes’ list of the world’s richest people. He was also rated among the world’s 100 most influential people by the Time magazine. In 2005, the Indian government honoured him with Padma Bhushan, one of the nation’s highest civilian awards.

Anil D Ambani

The fourth richest Indian today, with a net worth of about $13.5 billion, Anil Ambani is chairman of Reliance Communications, Reliance Capital, Reliance Energy and Reliance Natural Resources Limited.

Before the Reliance Empire split, he was vice chairman and managing director of Reliance Industries Limited. The Reliance group was founded by his late father Dhirubhai Ambani.

Anil was born on June 4, 1959. He joined Reliance in 1983, two years after his elder brother Mukesh, as co-chief executive officer. He is credited with leading India’s foray into overseas capital markets with international public offerings of global depositary receipts, convertibles and bonds. He also directed RIL’s efforts to raise $2 billion from global markets.

Anil was elected as an independent Member of the Rajya Sabha with the support of the Samajwadi Party, but resigned on March 25, 2006. Ambani who was once ridiculed for being overweight at a shareholder’s meeting is now a fitness freak and runs the Mumbai marathon regularly.

He has a bachelor’s degree in Science from the University of Bombay and a master’s in Business Administration from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. He is married to former Bollywood actress Tina Munim.

Sunil Mittal

Sunil B Mittal is chairman and managing director of Bharti group. Bharti is India’s largest GSM-based mobile phone service. Son of a politician, he built his Bharti group, along with two siblings, into India’s largest mobile phone operator in just ten years. Vodafone and SingTel both own stakes in recently renamed flagship Bharti Airtel. The group also has partnerships with Axa for insurance and with the Rothschild family for exporting fruits and vegetables. He plans to go into retailing along with the world’s largest retailer Wal-Mart.

The 49-year-old has always been a pioneer. A first generation entrepreneur, he started his first business in 1976 with a capital investment of Rs 20,000. He decided not to be a politician and set up a small bicycle business in Ludhiana. By 1979, Sunil Mittal realised that his ambitions could not be fulfilled in Ludhiana, so he moved out to Mumbai. He initially founded a number of trading concerns, and established the first company to manufacture push button telephones in India.

In 1982, Mittal started a full-fledged business selling portable generators imported from Japan. He was one of the first entrepreneurs to identify the mobile telecom business as a major growth area and launched services in Delhi in 1995. Under his leadership the company has gone from strength to strength.

K V Kamath

Kundapur Vaman Kamath is the managing director and CEO of ICICI Bank, the largest private bank in India. Kamath, born on December 2, 1947, began his career with ICICI — the parent body of ICICI Bank — in 1971 and has since then worked to take ICICI places. He has helped the financial institution evolve into a modern, tech-savvy organisation.

He joined the project finance division of ICICI in 1971 and moved on to different departments to gather rich experience. In 1988, he joined the Asian Development Bank, Manila in their private sector department. He worked in most of the developing countries in the region including China, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam. In May 1996, he returned to ICICI as its managing director and chief executive officer. He is a graduate of the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.

Kumar Mangalam Birla

Kumar Mangalam Birla, born on June 14, 1967, is among the richest persons in India and the eighth youngest billionaire outside India. He is chairman of the Aditya Birla Group, one of India’s largest business groups. Some of the AV Birla group’s companies are: Grasim, Hindalco, UltraTech Cement, Aditya Birla Nuvo and Idea Cellular.

He took over as chairman of the group in 1995, at the age of 28, after the sudden demise of his father, Aditya Birla. When he took charge, there were doubts about his ability to handle the giant business house, but he proved all naysayers wrong.

In the 11 years that he has led the group, he has won admiration, recognition and praise for his management acumen and contribution to the industry.

Under his leadership, the group has consolidated its position in existing businesses and ventured into cellular telephony, asset management, software and BPO. He is a chartered accountant and also holds an MBA from the London Business School.

Rahul Bajaj

Rahul Bajaj is the chairman of the Bajaj Group, which ranks among the top 10 business houses in India. He is one of India’s most distinguished business leaders and internationally respected for his business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit.

He took over the reins of Bajaj group in 1965. Under his leadership, the turnover of the Bajaj Auto the flagship company has risen from Rs 72 million to Rs 46.16 billion. The initiation of liberalisation in India posed great challenges for Bajaj Auto. Liberalisation brought the threat of cheap imports and FDI from top companies like Honda. Rahul Bajaj became famous as the head of the Bombay Club, which opposed liberalisation.

The scooter sales plummeted as people were more interested in motorcycles and the rival Hero Honda was a pioneer in it. The recession and stock market collapse of 2001 hit the company hard and it was predicted that the days of Bajaj Auto were numbered.

However, Bajaj Auto re-invented itself, established a world-class factory in Chakan, invested in R&D and came up with Bajaj Pulsar Motorcycle. Bajaj Pulsar is currently a leader in its segment.

Recently, Rahul Bajaj was elected to Rajya Sabha from Maharashtra. He is an alumnus of Harvard, St. Stephen’s and Cathedral.

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